Neuro Rehab: How Long To Spend On One Exercise

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@Em00037 says:

Hi Dr. Tobias! I have watched many of your videos and love them! I’ve been helping my friend who is in the early stages of coming out of a coma and she hasn’t been approved for physical therapy yet. She is making small movements on her own. I’ve been doing stretches and exercises with her and seeing improvement.

I want to help my friend more, but feel limited with a lack of knowledge, I want to learn more in an official/professional way, so I can help her more. She is currently in a rehab center, but not approved for physical therapy and transporting her isn’t possible right now. She is on a ventilator, and still in the early stage of showing intentional movements and awareness.

Could you please tell me how to get started on the professional path of Nuro Physical Therapy? I feel limited, but can see my friend trying and making small improvements. I want to learn more, so I can help her and possibly others in the future. Any guidance on where to start is really appreciated!

@tashb3821 says:

Hi, do you have any videos on the condition Dystonia? And what specific exercises can be done to help with strengthening & balancing for a child?

@kathrynK303 says:

Thank you so much for sharing! I always appreciate your progression input!

@marianneg.6599 says:

Massage gun is relaxing me a lot, I do it before going to sleep and feel my legs (with spasticity) and ankles relax.

@kicknowledgesmith8608 says:

The massage gun can be a gift and a curse! I think it all depends on the type of stroke and severity. As far as how long to spend on one exercise, it all depends on what you can do and what your goals are.Some days I may feel tired and other days I may feel energetic. Also having help and having someone motivate you can make a difference also.

@raytinsley7911 says:

I found my massage gun made my spasticty worse but couldn't work out why.
Thanks Tara

@drmarkintexas-400 says:


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