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The difference between concussion and post-concussion syndrome is often misunderstood, and the two terms are frequently used interchangeably and incorrectly. It is important to distinguish post-concussion syndrome from concussion since the management of these two conditions is different. The ability to make the correct diagnosis early and provide appropriate treatment can lead to improved outcomes and quicker recovery times. This video will review the definition of and differences between concussion and post-concussion syndrome.

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Miguel Contreras says:

I will say that I am having symptoms of PCS. I was boxing and took several haymakers. I didn’t think I had a concussion at the time because I was never knocked out or felt indifferent besides just dazed from the hits but I felt that was normal during a boxing match. Later that night I got a bad headache and it doesn’t probably help that I had 2 drinks after the match to help me feel better . It didn’t occur to me that I may have suffered a concussion until the next day.
I felt better after rest and have been getting better but I still feel weird minor pains like my brain is short circuited and kind of burning on the top part of my skull.
I’ve been doing a lot of research and learning more and more about it. I am currently at 3 weeks 4 days out since my incident and am finally starting to feel better. From what I’ve picked up is eat clean ( fruits , nuts, green tea, protein.) AVOID MEATS. And start doing some aerobic exercises to push blood flow into your brain. It is d depressing going through something like this but there’s comfort in knowing you’re not the only one going through it. I hope every one that reads this feels better and if anybody wants to reach out to me feel free . You’re not alone .

Rui says:

2 and 1/2 years after my concussion (violent ball in back of the head) and still struggling.. after 1 1/2 years i was almost normal, p,aying zoccer agai , feeling great. Out of nowhere one night, 2 months ago, had a strong vertigo episode and im back to being miserable.. the search for do tors who can understand me restarts… its very very frustrating

Dr Masood Mahmood says:

What's the role of the SCAT3 form and will it help in evaluation/measuring progression in concussion S/S especially in MVA related patients.

Aegis says:

I wanted to share something that’s helped me tremendously with recovering. I looked up diets to eat while recovering from post-concussion syndrome. I started following the suggestions and I started recovering rapidly.

I started adding a lot of nuts to my diet, especially pecan, and I literally started noticing improvements in the first day. I could sleep more easily. Mentally, I started feeling more like myself and in less of a daze. I even started noticing memory triggers, like the flashbacks you get when whiffing a nostalgic scent; something I realized I was experiencing far less than normal for me after my concussion. Just don’t overdue it on the nuts though; many contain hydrocyanic acid, which can cause oxygen deficiency in high volumes.

I could think more clearly but still had a lot of pressure in my head. So I started focusing my diet on anti-inflammation foods, like berries, green tea, turmeric, and broccoli, and again I noticed a huge decrease in the pressure and headaches I’d have within just a few days. Zinc and magnesium where suggested so I bought vitamins focused on those at this time also.

It’s been about two and a half months since my concussion but I’m finally starting to have nights where I actually feel normal; like I forget I have PCS for a bit until I stand up and start walking around. This was so encouraging to me.

I just wanted to share this so that my experiences my be of some help to you. Look up concussion recovery diets and try doing what you can to get on them. There’s more options in food than I listed so there should be flexibility.

Hang in there, and God bless.

I need to mention this. A few weeks after making this comment, my concussion continued to improve, however I started having massive digestion issues and referred pain from my gallbladder and/or liver running up and stiffening my neck. It took a lot of research but it seems frequent eating (like 6 times a day) was spiking my insulting constantly. I was eating multiple packs of nuts and whey protein drinks everyday. I found out this habit was very bad for my liver/gallbladder. I came down with GERD and other issues.

Nuts are high in omega 6s, which are inflammatory, and whey protein is hard for the body to digest. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Eat more healthy balanced meals and be very sparing on nuts. Avoid whey protein in general if possible. Avoid snacking to keep insulin low.

I’ve been trying to get my digestion back on track since. Small amount of apple cider vinegar has helped, but I once overdid it and burned my intestinal lining for a few days. Make sure you use it sparingly if you have his issue.

OK says:

Me discovering this 4 years after my concussion… this explains a lot. I went back 2 years in my head, had to relearn my spot in time, and what has happened in that time. And that stuff never came back. And apparently my ego has changed. Is this something you should have a doc check out? Or should I continue as normal? Idk what they can do.

Ela says:

I'm here as a testimony that by the grace of God you can and will recover from PCS. I swung my head harshly into a sharp edge of a table in 2012. I felt whiplash movement. The onset of my PCS came on about 5-6 days later… Like a delayed reaction. Every symptom you can think of, i had it. EVERY ONE. Full recovery was about 2 years more or less (it wasn't at its worst the whole entire time.) My remaining symptoms are eye floaters and light sensitivity… Otherwise I am NORMAL. One day at a time by the grace of God, call onto him and acknowledge him and be grateful… He will heal you ❤️🙏

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