Neuroendocrine Dysfunction after Concussion: What Patients & Families Should Know

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Dr. Tamara Wexler, Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone Health, joined our webinar to discuss the neuroendocrine system can change after a brain injury, and what patients and families should know as they seek treatments for long-term concussion symptoms.

It isn’t widely known that a pituitary gland injury can create symptoms that mirror persistent concussion or Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) symptoms. A neuroendocrine assessment of pituitary function may be able to uncover where your symptoms are coming from. If you or your loved one is experiencing persistent concussion symptoms and isn’t responding to active therapies, this webinar will be key to helping you understand how a pituitary gland injury may be involved. Watch to learn more about how concussion can impact the neuroendocrine system and learn when you should see an endocrinologist about your symptoms.

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Evan Williamson says:

My cortisol levels were sky high throughout the day and night.

Elaine Gibson says:

oh god a 1 pager would be invaluable.

Elaine Gibson says:

What do you mean about the effect of the chronic inflammatory state as a reason for pituitary dysfunction? I planned to just scan this and ended up scribbling heaps of notes.

Elaine Gibson says:

Just wow, I'm so impressed By dr Tamara Wexler. I love good physicians who know their stuff and then some, so many of us have had the misfortune of being treated by endochronologists who don't even acknowledge concussion can cause endocrine dysruptions only, mine said to me she'd on'y ever seen in in her car crash paper so she gas lighted me even though I took a medical paper on concussion and neuroendocrine dysruptions. She didn't even look at it.

Elaine Gibson says:

Great webinar, I come to this thru the clf resource page. I thought I knew eeverything about neuroendocrine and concussion but no. I had bleeps in the early days with prolactin then it normaled, now 4 years out I'm massively low in testosterone so it seems to be something to keep track of, get the word out definetly because most docs aren't doing this.

Marilou Remo says:

I am Marilou Remo and am needing therapy for my concussion

Jack G. says:

I have difficulty with hearing. Are these slides available?

Also, I tried to click the "guide" link (Dec. 2021) and it wouldn't work. Not sure if that's an error on your end or mine. Best wishes!

Jay Scazzer says:

How would you suspect a sex hormone deficiency in post menopausal women?

Kendra Partida says:

Didn't they mention a network of providers or a list of providers that we can access?? I need to find a provider in Utah asap. Thanks in advance.

Andrew D. Harris says:

I had a yptbi in 89 and never had my endocrine system checked until the last few years. Seems to be a cortisol problem. It was a moderate tbi, but i couldn't always afford medical help. My head injru was 32 years ago.

P T says:

timestamps would help a lot

Sarah Davis says:

Went into menopause at 39 after years of domestic violence. 11 years later, emergency room visits galore, MRI cat scans etc etc and noone has ever mentioned this possible issue that addresses many of my symptoms. Thank you for the knowledge on this.

Brian Nemeth says:

I played 1 .5 hyrs in nfl
I only have 1 credited season. The nfl disowned me! Only one year! I was diagnosed with conclusive pituitary failure! The nfl said they never heard of it. I've had dozens of concussions.
I hF six in camp alone my rookie year. Season added tight ends in the seventies got hit in head zlot.
I was messed up rite after playing in docs never knew what to do with me and why I had so much
Trouble. I found some blood test from 28 years ago or test was 17 total.
I was sick.noone ever sent me to an endocrinologist.
Well I'm wrecked Nd disowned. This is no joke. I csnt keep weight down 35 lbs.its just mt cte kicking in
I have everything you are taking about. I am the poster child,,,, I must turn your lecture off. I need help .I have test which has saved me do far.At 67 I dont have much longer. I've gad lots more I would like to tell yu.maybe I can help. This is the worst and gets worse.with age!!!

TRT For Warriors by DMC-Productions says:

Can someone link the 2016 study Dr Wexler mentioned?

TRT For Warriors by DMC-Productions says:

Also to dispell any myths from GPs who failed endocrine system & drug metabolism. Testosterone ranges are ranges of sick populations and there are no established rates for the individual or dose. So 100mg of Test CYP can result in total test 500ngdl or even 1k. This is why we focus on free testosterone and symptom resolution. So if some doc says ohh your hypogoandial at even 1000k NGDL but wont treat you and you have all the symptoms they either dont know the literature or are lying. Anything under 700 in a man needs replacement. The lower range means you are sick, and do you want to be a sick person? Replace to optimal split doses from a minimum of 2 if not daily admin of Test CYP from 100mg, 175mg, 200mg or plus even 600mg to symptom resolution. And then work around the rest of the hormone cascade.
And for men you just add HcG to Test CYP to get pregnant. But make sure you freeze your sperm just in case. But dont screw around with Clomid its a last ditch emergency fertility drug with irreversible eye damage that can occur. Not to be taken lightly.

TRT For Warriors by DMC-Productions says:

This is very important and to get better. You have to go from Cholesterol on down the hormone cascade and replace to optimal all the hormones, testosterone, growth hormone, DHEA, Preg., thyroid, estrodiol, oral cortisol and look at prolactin. Also being careful and staying away from beauty clinics for men and getting with a functional medicine doc. And men staying away from silly creams, pellets and clomid monotherapy, with testosterone replacement just using testosterone cypionate 2x, 3x, or even daily injections get stable. And dont screw with estrogen since all the benefits are from higher estrodial. And adding Nandrolone Deca which directly helps the spine and body to reverse the affects of a low androgen environment.
If you cant find a qualified doctor that has any idea what they are doing with hormone optimization get with Defy, ElevateMD, Dr Eric PrimeX, Dr Brad at Mercy, The Restore Clinic, and Aspire Rejuvenation. Dont suffer get treatment and thrive.

T Cagle says:

Thank you for this. I am 2 1/2 yrs into PCS Dx and am doing own research in this area because there is no known support in my area. Its been suggested I have Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. But since my fall I've stopped menstruating. Gained 30 lbs and PCS symptoms seem to be in a holding pattern. Fatigue. Brain fog. Slow and limited cognitive processing. Sleep deprivation. More but I'm too exhausted to continue conversation. It's taken 3 x to get through the video.

Stefany Sanchez says:

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Andrew & Lauren Van Luik says:

This one was SO GOOD!!

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