Nexus Neurorecovery Brain Injury Patient Success Story

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Lance Halstead was in a drug-induced coma for nearly two weeks following a logging accident in Tomball, Texas. On the last day of the project, a 35-foot tree kicked back, breaking bones in his face and skull and causing Lance to stumble and fall unconscious in nearby water.

After a full-frontal craniotomy and multiple operations to drain blood from his brain and rebuild his face, Lance transferred from the ICU to Nexus Specialty Hospital and later to Nexus Neurorecovery Center for intensive rehabilitation.

Today, Lance is doing very well! After discharging in 2018, he came back to Nexus Neurorecovery Center for a brief stay to reach new goals and is now living on his own with Butterscotch, a kitten he started caring for while on campus.

Read his entire story:

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Dalton Rides says:

My friend was hit by a car on his motorcycle and I wish he had doctors like these. The doctors just keep wanting to give up on him even tho he is improving every day. He can breath for a while on his own but eventually needs to be put back on the machine. His family keeps getting declined when they try to transfer him to a doctor that wants to help

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