NFL Disgusting Concussion Blows

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NFL Disgusting Concussion Blows (HD)
Graphic Knockout Hits…….
J 1:9

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Highlight Reel says:

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Bono says:

News flash: getting hit in the head is bad for your health.

Gamer Weasel says:

I’ve had 2 concussions and it hurt me to watch these guys get hit like that

Cme NoMore says:

0:27 snow angel 👼🏻

Springz says:

The last one said triple kill no but seriously I hope all these guys are ok

Dmonarre Dmonarre says:

And this is the first step to getting the nobel prize in Chemistry!

Your Reverter says:

First hit was by the book. Completely according to the rules…

Muay Boran says:

How bout play rugby instead? Seems a lot safer when you tale away the helm, you will br protecting your head for impact more

Pablink 1⃣8⃣2⃣!! says:

Take a salt tablet‼️

Ker Oner says:

I think most full contact martial arts sports are healthier than this.

Acute Wireless says:

The game is safer in todays NFL.

leomyers says:

More scarier when you don't know what is inside their brain and what players can do themeselves and others. Play the real football 🦶⚽

John Kensington says:

Bernard Pollard is such a fucking piece of shit for celebrating after seeing that Ridley was fucking incapacitated. So fucking glad no one wanted his old, washed-up ass when he tried to unretire last offseason.

John Miguel says:

Bro football players need to know how to properly tackle it this sport will get real dangerous, like rugby they atleast know how to tackle

Vincenzo Schiano says:

USA guys are mad!! You are killing these guys's brain by watching this no sense sport

kifley19 says:

WR's and QB's have it so much easier with the safer rules.

Measured sul says:



Cory Simmons says:

This is heartbreaking.

Jacob Doyle says:

the Steelers are a nasty team

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