Nightwatch: Patient Has Seizure in Back of Ambulance | A&E

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A patient has a seizure in the back of an ambulance in this clip from Season 4, Episode 1.

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From executive producer Dick Wolf comes “Nightwatch,” an hour-long series following elite teams of emergency responders as they risk their lives to work the busiest and most unnerving shift of the day: the overnight shift.

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A&E says:

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Bigmoneygripz247 says:

Beautiful save guys ❤

Abby Johnson says:

When i was in 4th grade one of the fifth grade teachers ran out into the hallway and started having a seizure, i never knew what happened to her

Lauren Lample says:

EMTs are such amazing people, I can’t imagine the things the see and experience. They deserve higher payment and so much more respect than they get. God bless

Lemonz1989 says:

I’m confused… He had low blood sugar and was diagnosed with diabetes because of that? Diabetes is the opposite of that – it’s diagnosed because of high blood sugar.
You only get low blood sugar after starting treatment for diabetes, like with oral medications or insulin injections.

Goethe 23 says:

I just started having seizures it's sad seeing someone have one🥺

maritza torres says:

Genuine question how does it feel like? Im genuinly asking

NewSallyPurpleYT : 👻🎃 says:

Interesting vid.

Anthony Torres says:

Why didn’t they just give it to him IM?

Adam Sauce 7 says:

Thank god he was saved

LagunaPreza says:

What is an EJ ?

urbanflavorz says:

was this a reenactment or the real thing?

BLAB1012 says:

It takes a special kind of person to calmly address a life threatening situation and to be able to stab a person in the neck while shaking down the road in an ambulance. Glad this guy got a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Linn Macfie says:

It makes me sick how the medical industry has such a low salary. They should get payed way more. Their work is saving lives. They don’t get the reward they deserve for saving LIVES

myeshadapisces says:


David says:

I have seizures this is hard to watch knowing my family sees me going through this

Double C 3! says:

Emts are way better than cops. At least these emergency companies don’t arrest people, but actually save them. Their the hero’s, not cops.

Teags mid says:

This is what happened to me I got seizure twice after the Melbourne Showgrounds at 2019 and after basketball

wolf prince says:

As a person who has seizures I know how much it feels

Scott Goodwin says:

Seatbelts [arriving on scene] optional? Impressive work by guys in back of ambulance.

kushsmoke sam says:

SMH man in Canada 🇨🇦 has much more fast responter

ShadowsandCityLights says:

Reason why I'll never take diabetic medicine.

GBMF21 says:

My goodness I hope he's doing better.

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