Olympian Briana Scurry on gender gap in head injury treatment

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A CBS News Investigation points out more female athletes are experiencing concussions, but the research around head injuries largely focuses on men. Olympian Briana Scurry, author of the new book “My Greatest Save,” joins John Dickerson on “Prime Time” to discuss her own recovery from a 2010 concussion, and why female and male athletes get different attention despite the same injuries.

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Klaus Schwab says:

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Brian Christopher says:

Maybe we should focus on the equality in head injuries! WE ALL GET THEM! Consider changing your line of work. 😂

Brian Christopher says:

Male athletes bring in more $$$$$$ to the owners, that’s why! Get over it.

ATC King's TV says:

Excellent 👌👍

Eddie Murphy says:

Lol next it’ll be about taller people getting paid more

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