OT-V Season 2 Episode 10: Acquired Brain Injury — Cognitive Strategies

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Solutions For Living proudly presents the tenth episode in Season 2 of our OT-V series: “Acquired Brain Injury — Cognitive Strategies.”

In this episode we will discuss recovery from a brain injury. People with an Acquired Brain Injury, or ABI, often have issues with memory or other higher level brain activity after their injury, and suddenly, completing daily life tasks becomes very difficult. They may struggle with things like remembering names and faces, the things they need to do in a day, or they may even forget or lack insight that they even have an ABI.

Occupational Therapists have the skills to get many people with brain injuries back to everyday life.

Learn about the strategies Occupational Therapists use to help those who have suffered an ABI in this episode of OT-V.

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jazzariabyrne says:

I would to finish listening to this video, but the background noise (music) makes it impossible for my brain because of ABI. I’m a bit surprised you would include this. Considering your audience.

Dorset says:

Great, thanks.

Seth Sacks says:

I' m a high functioning adult with a brain injury and after 19 years the only unforgivable sin seems to be forgetting what people think they made you believe or understand….employers, girlfriends, Friends, and relatives go crazy…Strangers find it refreshing….until they get to know you. HaHa

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