Patient Profile – Rains Malone, Infant Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy

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Patient Profile – Rains Malone, Infant Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (cooling cap technology was used to prevent or reverse brain damage)

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@user-jp6ux1lo4s says:

My brother’s daughter is having hie stage 3 she is in nicu from 24 hrs.plz tell me each n everything abt the treatment.she is his first daughter.we are in trauma right now..

@alexherrera4877 says:

Im on this situation right now.
I have hope that my son will fight and go home with mom,dad and his brothers

@rp19488 says:

Same happened with my baby as well. It was 4 days left for delivery and all was ok, untill suddenly her fetal movements went weak. Being first time parents both of us failed to acknowledge the situation, and waited for the night to pass. Sadly things didn't change much and we had to rush to the hospital for a probable C-section. Later doctors said she wasn't crying after birth and they had to give her oxygen and other medical supports. Later she was in NICU for 2-3 days and today hopefully we'll be bringing her home.🤞🤞

@floatinggoose9197 says:

Thank God he didn't bleed. My son did. We will be working forever

@chetnabatheja9400 says:

Hii, which test are conducted to measure the recovery chances?? N did he achieve his milestone on time?? Did he gone through any physiotherapy?? Plz rply to help me

@zaydasmommy8661 says:

im so happy to know he made a full recovery mine has cerebral palsey.

@diazfamily9852 says:

What tests did you do (1 minute 12 seconds) that showed he made a full recovery? My daughter has HIE grade 2 and everything I’ve heard before says there’s no way of knowing even with an mri of how she will develop. The way you see how they will recover is just by seeing if they meet their developmental milestones (e.g walking on time talking on time) etc so how did you know after a few weeks he made a full recovery?

@vanessariley1 says:

What age did he start talking and does he respond to his name?

@vanessariley1 says:

This happened to my son, he's now 1 year and 9 Months he's playing saying his alphabet, and counting from 1 to 10. Says up to about 15 words but doesn't respond to his name most times and hasn't said mommy or daddy as yet. His ultrasound said there was no sign of brain damage, however, I am very concerned about him not talking as much as other children his age

@drashoksharma7192 says:

my brother is affected by this condition, unfortunately ,he is12 years old,he cant walk, talk, eat, move any body part, we even have to change his dipers, and he is untreatable, he is a burden but we still manage

@dilrajkhurana16 says:

Kya vo normal ho payga

@dilrajkhurana16 says:

Mam my baby boy HIE

@asifahassan7730 says:

When he seizure free

@asifahassan7730 says:

How he is now any seizure now

@sasuncion4503 says:

They told me the same thing. I'm so glad Raines is ok!

@JorgeLopez-ct2ur says:

Amazing, so happy to hear that he made a full recovery!

@professionalexports2073 says:

Kindly please give me ur WhatsApp number ma'am.i just want clarification with you please ..

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