Patient Success Story: Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

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Dr. Julie discusses the changes one of our patient’s has experienced since beginning vision therapy for traumatic brain injury, TBI.

Vision For Life Works is located in Glen Carbon, IL. We work with children and adults with various vision problems that affect their ability to read, write, comprehend, perform in sports or perform on the job. We utilize Syntonic Phototherapy and traditional in office Vision Therapy to correct these problems and improve quality of life. At Vision For Life, we strive to make every patient experience exceptional. We are very excited when we have the opportunity to dramatically improve our patients lives! Our motto is “Improving Vision Today, Ensuring Success Tomorrow”. Take the Quality Of Life Questionnaire on our website home page to get started today!

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Copyright 2020, Vision For Life, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction or republication without express permission is prohibited. This video is for informational and educational purposes only and is not a diagnosis. All therapy exercises should not be used without the proper supervision of a trained professional after a full diagnostic exam.


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Alice K. says:

It is amazing how quickly vision therapy works, but do you have to keep working on your skills throughout your entire life?? For example, using Syntonic and TBI lights into adult age and beyond?

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