Permanent hell: life with a traumatic brain injury

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As protective casing for the brain the skull is strong and sturdy, but it’s far from indestructible. The organ it safeguards is infinitely fragile; a delicate mass of wires and fibres that control not only what we do, but who we are. A single punch can inflict disastrous, irreversible damage to the brain as the force of impact causes the organ to ricochet around the skull, irreparably tearing and bruising.
Head of Neurosurgery at The Royal Melbourne Hospital Professor Andrew Kaye explains why living with a catastrophic brain injury is akin to dying a death every day.

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Idiot who just have all in his life and cant epatate intact bra..

Melodie Tallmegate says:

I m struggling with living in a nursing home with tbi that don't understand this was awsome

RoxyDzey says:

2:16 that woman smiling in the background just kick me out of that serious vibe of this whole video 😀

Tesseramous says:

Why keep them alive then?

spaceman022 says:

If this happens to me i think id kill myself.i dunno

kevin wright says:

got a moderate TBI from a little mopid on my first job,i wish i died on the road.I wanna die but i believe in god and rather not guarantee go into actual hell 🙁

Priyanka Punjabi says:

I have a severe traumatic brain injury with a diffuse axonal injury. It is getting better how I feel, but it does feel like a living hell sometimes. I always feel like crying for basically no reason, it’s weird. My brain didn’t move as he said, but I fractured my skull. It does feel like a living hell sometimes.

William Adkins says:

I survived a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and all the professionals wrote off my life. Despite this, I worked and worked and worked some more. I never gave up, went to college, graduated, got married, had some children and wrote a book, Being-Here (my pen name is Jake Band). "Life and living after surviving your TBI" is Being-Here's subtitle. In about a month, I will be a certified Post-TBI Wellness Life Coach. If you survived a TBI, Keep on Keepin' on, and do not give up. Work to be who you want to be!

Don Austin says:

Folks, look up on you tube, "Subliminals" containing 'Rife Fequencies' for cell repair/regeneration among many other health conditions. Heck there are a bunch on you tube now..

Rabbitastic says:

Pretty cool how the video in no way at all explained what it was trying to do.

Eva X says:

The worse thing is when a psychiatrist prescribed antipsychotics to a tbi patient causing more damage…. do you know a psychiatrist or medication for repairing the brain from psychiatric medication

Donna Pederson says:

It’s living hell with a TBI. Seizure disorder, cognitive deficit but I look a bit like I used to. I’m a shadow of my former self. Fatigued depressed and anxious it’s no life.

hhatton93 says:

my brother just died last month, he took his life for like no reason. he was a professional athlete, i believe had a psychosis due to a TBI.

Dan Hughes says:

True story…people have no clue…thank god for my tbi program…they know how and still sucks..but they try so hard for not going to let them down

Melissa W says:

I had a minor TBI and I've experienced enough living hell in the past 3 years to understand why so many athletes with a brain injury are committing suiside. The pain gets pretty brutal.

Moz Benado says:

thank you for not minimizing the reality of tbi. so many these days love to shove neuroplasticity at us as if to blame us for continuing to have difficulties even decades after the injury

pantyflash says:

Like, if your brain is hosed, you are doomed. Way to go, babe!

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