Personality Changes After Brain Injury

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Who we are, and what makes us “us” has been the topic of much debate throughout history.
At the individual level, kindness, warmth, hostility and selfishness are the unique essence of a person consist mostly of personality concepts.
Deeper than this is how we react to the world around us, respond socially, our moral reasoning, and ability to manage emotions and behaviours.
Philosophers, like Plato and Descartes, attributed these experiences to non-physical entities, quite separate to the brain.
They describe, “Souls”, are the place where human experiences take place.
According to this belief, souls house our personalities, and enable moral reasoning to occur.
This idea still enjoys substantial support today.
Many are comforted by the thought that the soul does not need the brain, and mental life can continue after death.
If who we are is attributed to a non-physical substance independent of the brain, then physical damage to this organ should not change a person.
But there is an overwhelming amount of neuropsychological evidence to suggest that this is, in fact, not only possible, but relatively common.

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Flawless But Dysfunctional says:

I lost attention to the video and started day dreaming 3 times already on my 4th listen

Jesse Priest says:

MARIJUANA changes things!!!! for the BETTER!!!!

society is full of jerks who CAN'T empathize with anyone but other materialistic spiritually inept tyrants who create a plethora of superfluous laws for us that ruin quality of life for people who have guts

Melan Choly says:

This is shit "science". People adapt different ways, yes Robotic "Dr." Ahmed, but how that proves/disproves a person having a soul or not is ridiculous for "science". "Duh, bumped head, became evil killer, no soul!" What about the people who survive tremendous TBIs or traumas, and work to become BETTER not BITTER? Lucky duckies or a something else going that a machine can't account for? I hope nobody else happens onto this trash "science" video and takes it to heart. It's a joke. #Mathematician

sheldon murphy says:

For a brief moment, i thought i clicked on an Anon video ! Love For My Anon Family 🙂

Daniel P says:

The non human recital is disheartening

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