Peter Levine's Secret to Releasing Trauma from the Body

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In this video clip from his 2013 Psychotherapy Networker keynote address, “Trauma and the Unspoken Voice of the Body,” trauma expert and bestselling author Peter Levine explains how the body stores the memory of a traumatic event. Featuring a clip from an actual session with a combat veteran, Levine then demonstrates an exercise for releasing trauma from the body.

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Robert Hamowy says:

Is masturbation sort of trauma

MK says:

This methodology really works. Doing Holotropic Breathwork for a while, but this is a more gentle approach.

Sanskar Kaazi says:

I did not understand what he did in the video?? Can anyone explain?

Moreno says:

so what's the secret? are you kidding us?!

Barbēlō says:

As we see not all is science, intuition is very important too. What a great man, Levine!❤

Diana Aqra says:

So much the power of physical connection can do with a person.

Krasimir Churov says:

Where can we hear full talks or lectures by Dr. Levine. Is there a website or other

Frances Lock says:

Such a skilful practitioner. So inspiring to watch.

NokPhone Ger says:

I think its useful to mindfulness before doing somatic experiencing

MK says:

We dont value peace and relaxation enough to heal 😢

Aamna Here says:

What a sad world that primarily prioritizes PTSD of war criminals instead of actual victims of wars like the innocent children, women and men on whom these barbaric wars have been unjustly imposed. American soldiers make a choice to invade and occupy other people's countries. They make a choice to commit war crimes based on the lies they choose to believe whether they admit to it or not. Yet their suffering is front and center but not the severe PTSD of millions including children.

Love & Serve says:

Some great books:
All wars are bankers wars
War is a racket
A history of central banking & the enslavement of mankind

Bernardo says:

Hypnosis can do this.
Self hypnosis.

Jenny Holliday says:

This reminder really helped me. I loved the softness and vulnerability you gave to noticing these. Could you do a similar short video on difficult feelings and processing these? ❤

Julie Westron says:

3:41 somatic signs and symptoms.

4:07 change in moments

Jairus Enad says:

Interesting. May I get the link if there is a full video from this?

Martha Woodworth says:

Recently, I experienced a trauma to my body and psyche. I was attacked physically and verbally by someone I don’t know for seemingly no reason at all. I spoke with the police, two men who were very compassionate and kind. They even called me back to find out how I was feeling and tell me that they were taking measures to protect me from this person (a neighbor) by what they called “psychological surveillance” to let her know they were watching. They were extremely empathic and told me to call them immediately if there was ever another encounter with the angry woman. Over a few weeks, their attentive kindness reduced my trauma exponentially. I also used Tara Brach’s method of compassionately observing myself as I dealt with a heightened sense of fear, anxiety and alarm.,it’s been about a month now and I rarely if ever experience that stress and the PTSD has lessened greatly. But trauma to the body is not easy to release. The body wants to fold in upon itself as a protection and I have been isolating more than usual. I have a great therapist. Thanks for this insightful video. I will discuss what I learned here in session today.

Sally Forth says:

As a person experiencing PTSD and CPTSD from childhood trauma, I have found extraordinary healing with the help of microdosing psilocybin. This after a lifetime of struggle and search for relief. Not only healing but a deep reconnection both with my self and my spiritual connection to and understanding of life. Somehow the mushrooms allow you to rewrite the bad sectors. I wish healing for all sufferers of trauma – getting trauma out of the body is very very difficult bc of how it literally changes our nervous systems.

Johannes Bergcrantz says:

Dealt with this most of my life… its no joke. Great to see it being adressed 👍👍

C V says:

And what was your business in invading a foreign country??? Was it worthy for the money? Now you're gonna live like this…

Fahim Shahriar says:

What are you trying to say?

le th says:

6 or 7 medications? Oh what so many of our soldiers have had to endure.

Any true traumatic experience…be it war or standing face to face with a same species predator who means to do you serious harm…you brain almost takes you out of your body or does take you out and you hover over yourself looking down at what is happening. Levine is correct that you must call the essence of yourself back into the body.

It's so wonderful to have a professional understand what happens at the moment that a life-threatening event becomes too much for the conscious brain to handle and begins to allow the spirit to leave the body to survive it.

Note: I use the word spirit for lack of a better word? True self might be another way to describe it.

Greg Mijjares says:

I recommend , a good bowel movement , you will feel better ! Cheaper than therapy !

Francesca De Rimini says:

Another scam to make money. I would not trust this man!

Glow & shine says:

I have severe issues with anger …. wish u peace

Jennifer Dean says:

I had such severe childhood trauma due to having cancer and almost dying on serval occasions that I completely blocked it all for 20years. When I finally processed it all alot of my pain melted away and I got pregnant with a baby I was told I’d probably never have. Trauma has such an incredible impact on the body. Now I’m a reiki master teacher and also help people heal their trauma. I was blessed to have amazing pediatric doctors help me to live with the pain and trauma I endured as a child. This doctor is amazing!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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