Plant Based Diets for Cancer Prevention and Cancer Recurrence with Dr. Ann Pittier

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Disclaimer: This podcast does not provide medical advice. The content of this podcast is provided for informational or educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health issue without consulting your doctor. Always seek medical advice before making any lifestyle changes.

Passionate about the treatment of cancer, and focusing on breast, gynecological and head and neck cancers, Dr. Pittier is affiliated with Tacoma Valley Radiation Centers in Tacoma, Washington. Dr. Pittier earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Occidental College, medical degree at the Trinity College followed by completing two residencies first in internal medicine then radiation oncology both at the University of Washington Medical Center. She has worked in Tacoma, WA since starting in private practice in 2009. Currently, she is the co-Chair of Franciscan Breast Center of Excellence, sits on the Cancer Committee for Virginia Mason/Franciscan Health Services, and serves as the tumor board director for multidisciplinary clinics. She implemented a survivorship clinic for cancer survivors, and remains active in community outreach programs specifically geared at preventing cancer.

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Marr Nealon says:

Excellent excellent very thorough interview, will share.

As an oncologist obviously, she kind of hasta recommend memos in colonoscopies, but on that factor listeners may want to check out Dr. McDougall‘s cautions on how those two testing procedures can cause cancer and colonoscopies can even cause death if the colon gets punctured. It’s better to just focus on doing healthy acts of prevention rather than going looking for cancer.

Again, very powerful for an oncologist to be so clearly explaining the specific benefits of a plant-based diet for cancer patients. Thank you for having her on. It is a very timely one for me to share with a few friends.❤❤❤

Jessica Heitman says:

It’s Elizabeth Shue, who this amazing doctor looks like! ❤

OfficeSpaceRedStapler says:

Great job Dr Ann! Has anyone told the carnivore herd about all this? They are pretty convinced eating lots of meat is the way to go……….. I tried to tell some of them once and was booed off the Youtube stage…..

African Africa says:

Thank you very much doctor your presentation was excellent We need more doctors like you may God bless you Chef AJ Thank you for bringing her again

Kim Cecil says:

This was a great presentation, so informative and I learned so much. Thank you.

Jay MCC says:

❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉 cool 0:21

JohnnyP says:

This is amazing – she puts it all together

BeanBurrito says:

Amazing lecture ❤❤ thank you 😃

Marilyn June says:

Loved and frightened by her studies on meat, I am really trying to decrease meat in my diet, because I don’t feel good after eating meat even grass fed beef and chicken. Thanks for the info and wish it was known to everyone.

Swift Swift says:

Best Doc❤

Snatched Smoothies says:

WoW such a deep dive. If we could just shake up the world and get them to put down the sugar and pick up the beautiful plants that have been given to us! Cheers

Gale Espressos says:

❤@CHEF AJ another good one here!

Terry Bartick says:

❤❤Thank you. Please keep good info coming in❤❤

Alexia Sherman says:

Loved this presentation. I've been WFPB SOS free since my breast cancer dX in Sep 2022. I never realized how much cholesterol was tied into cancer. Thank you Chef AJ and Dr Pittier.

M T says:

Wow, what a presentation! Truly wonderful 🙂 would be lovely to have her back and get to know her more personally 😀 thank you so much <3

Éloïse Chartrand says:

Can i have Dr, Ann as my doctor please?😂❤️

Éloïse Chartrand says:

If you start eating whole food during cancer, does it helps ?

Zena Richter says:

I was a patient at MD Anderson in Houston. There are posters all over the hallways that say 50% of cancers are preventable, and that eating a plant-based diet is best. MDA is not afraid to educate its patients and visitors. ❤

dana g says:

The soy issue is so confusing. I'd love to see a debate between one of these docs and Dr. Peter Rogers or researcher Dr. Anthony Jay who wrote the book "Estrogeneration" and does not think soy is good for us. CHEF AJ…MAKE IT HAPPEN 😊😊😊❤

Tani Hein says:

Excellent! Will watch again

JojosJoyfulJourney says:

Cooked vs raw for nutrient density?

L F says:

Dr. Thomas Seifried – Cancer is a metabolic disease. Sugar and glutamine feed it. Cancer cells dont oxygenate, they ferment.

Mary O'Brien says:

Both times that I was diagnosed with cancer I was never offered to work with a nutritionist as part of my team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a health nut since my teen years and interested in my well being. I feel the medical complex is money driven and if they want customers for the life of the patient then ignorance is bliss. I am naturally curious and ask questions, assess and re-assess life and when I know better I do bettter and in my situation it required firing my oncologist who flat out said "dont ask any questions, dont talk to anyone about tamoxifen just take the pill"!!! I found a very intelligent APN to add to my team to help me reach my goal of living a vegan happy lifestyle. Its a journey and life is good!!!! If there is ever a time to stop doing the same things we have always done then its when diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease, however, I did not have the energy to care and thank goodness for my support system. Love this talk and just the info on fiber and flushing out the excess hormones and pesticides was very enlightening and I learn something new every time. Keep up the fantastic work. Be Well💚

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