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Dr. Alina Fong & Dr. Jaycie Lowen explain 6 types of headaches after a head injury, concussion, or TBI and how to recover from them with help from Cognitive FX. “Post concussion headaches” can be hard to live with, this video explains post concussion headaches and how to relieve them.

Our blog post about post-concussion headaches:

Important HEADACHE info timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Cervicogenic
02:16 ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) Headaches
03:44 Sinus Headaches
03:58 Migraine Headaches
04:22 Cluster Headaches
04:41 Ocular Migraine
04:52 Hypertension Headaches
05:42 Common Misconceptions
05:57 Visual Headaches
07:23 NVC (Neurovascular Coupling)
08:00 Headache Care
09:11 How to help headaches

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Cognitive FX is the World’s Premier Center for Concussion Treatment.

Are you dealing with headaches? Are headaches taking over your life? Watch this video on how you can figure out what type of headache you have. Headaches can become a common occurrence after a head injury.

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If you, or someone you know, have been dealing with headaches since a head injury, such as a concussion, this video is for you! Headaches are often a symptom of PCS or Post Concussion Syndrome.

Post-Concussion Syndrome (aka Post Concussion Symptoms) can come from physical changes in our brain. If you have been experiencing headaches or other post-concussion symptoms sign up for a FREE consultation with one of our doctors! Link below!

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Cognitive FX is a concussion clinic for anyone who is suffering from post concussion syndrome.

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Cognitive FX says:

Thanks for watching! If you want to learn more about headaches and how to treat them, click on this link to our blog:

Abe Froese says:

I am currently suffering from the same head ache symptoms as both of you 2 doctors are describing plus with lots of cronuc fatigue and PCS
Any idea on what might help me pick up the bits and peaces left of my life?

Diane McCurdy says:

Great seres. Thanks.

shamin akram says:

Excellent explanation. Thank you very much!🤒

Shantaya says:

Super helpful in describing what I have felt and have struggled to answer when doctors ask if I have headaches, yes, but no… not like they are thinking. Many doctors are not well-informed about this. I need to share this with them. I appreciate the information and it ties together (provides an answer to) the physical and psychological symptoms of trauma that I have experienced. Sincere thanks 🙏

Hamish says:

Ive found hugely positive results from high dosing Enzogenol, please recommend this to your paiteints!

Samuel Glover says:

It so light you can't see find a better marker

jacob stienecker says:

Anyone going to comment on the silver jeep parked outside?

maybememory1 says:

Very helpful, thank you

originaltruevibez says:

I respect doctors that are patient and take time to explain actually what they have learnt to patients.
These doctors actually care

VivaHollandia32 says:

I had a concussion in my late teens about 8 years ago, however I was not unconscious so it was deemed it was a light concussion. However after 8 years I still have headaches every day which are bothersome but I can function. It worsens If i watch something I find emotional enough (like a disturbing documentary or whatever) the pressure begins so I try to signal it on time to stop that activity. And it is present 24/7, only of course I am used to it and if I focus my attention to something else it's okay I guess.
In the first year I had at worst moments stroke like symptoms, blurred speech and such. Besides the nausea, inability to concentrate etcetera, irritability, feeling very foggy it hindered me. Unfortunately the doctors didn't really know what was happening but they surely agreed it had nothing to do with the concussion. Press X to doubt. However I also begone to develop migraines, which were there only once a week or so, in junction with my headache. Feels weird to have them both.
But eventually it got better and after 2 years I got anti cyclical depressant which made me feel so numb in my head. Finally I could experience everything while feeling numb but with no pressure (pain). I took it for a few months but stopped because there were side effects, however I do think it has some long lasting effect on my brain or changed something for the better. The effect diminished but my headache never ever reached the amount of pressure and stroke like symptoms I head. And now it improves yearly or stagnates but unfortunately it is still here.

Cameron McCollough says:

Thank you guys so much for posting this stuff. I felt so alone since my accident. My life is going to hell basically. I'm starting to feel hope watching these videos. Now I can share these with people so they know what I'm going through.

1M says:

Some supplements that have helped along the way are high grade fish oil, b vitamin complex, nootropics like noopept for cognitive function as well as drinking plenty of fluids, relaxation techniques, keeping my head cool with ice, getting plenty of rest and being out in nature when possible. Avoiding stress is another key factor so staying away from things that trigger stress hormones and focusing on getting better. I wish everyone the best on their journey.

1M says:

After my concussion in which i did not lose consciousness my symptoms occured 5-6 days afterward sinus type pressure headaches on the left side of my face and head (where i was hit) and an occasional slight stabbing feeling on the top left side of my head. Mood swings,irritability,poor concentration and a hazy consciousness. These symptoms lasted for at least a year to varying degrees and now 2 years later present themselves on occasion. The human brain is very fragile i wish i had known that there was such a thing as post concussion syndrome where symptoms could last years. Im much better than i was in the beginning but still wish i had taken better care of myself and head. I feel like i lost a lot of time and motivation along the way but still I am grateful that i had improved my symptoms. Very scary to experience these symptoms and mot know how to get help.

Jørgen Skuseth says:

Since I got diagnosed with post concussion syndrome for over a year ago, I still struggle with a lot of symptoms.
But there is one symptom which is a constant pulse that pounds really hard especially in my neck aria, as well as in my ears when I lay on the side. Often the pulse prevents me to rest as well as sleep. Is this a normal symptom on post concussion? In that case what makes it pound so hard, and is there any way to make it stop?

I would really appreciate it if you answered my question.

Neural Effects says:

Thank you for this explanation! Headaches are so difficult to explain and this perfectly done!

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