Post Concussion Syndrome-What's wrong with me?

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Close Dr. David Clark, DC–Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Concussion expert – explains in plain English what parts of the brain are damaged when Concussion symptoms don’t go away. He also shares the 2 groups of factors that must be investigated and treated for successful recovery from Post-Concussion Syndrome.

The most common symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome:
Vision problems
Trouble concentrating
Memory loss
Neck pain
Insomnia/sleep disturbance

Dr. David Clark, DC
Fellow American College of Functional Neurology
Fellow American Board of Brain Injury & Rehabilitation
Fellow American Association of Integrative Medicine
Diplomate College of Clinical Nutrition
Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist
Fellow American Board of Vestibular Rehab
Vestibular Rehab Specialist (ACNB)

6015 Fayetteville Rd Ste 111
Durham, NC 27713

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Kelly Doyle says:

THANK YOU!! I wish you were my doctor seven years ago when I was hit in a car accident. Sent back to work wrangling packs of dogs, seven years of daily flare ups caused by getting banged around by dogs every day, and now permanently disabled. Gotta heal, can’t survive on disability. I’ll look you up! 😀🐶

Saramoni says:

Have you ever treated pcs patients with eds

Live a Happier Life says:

Are you going to post more videos? I'd like to know what are the good things to do to help heal as well as the "Don't do list". Thanks!!

Vitto Congi says:

Okay… So how about when a neurophycologist says it takes at most 2 years to heal.. and the discredits all of this being a load of a crap and that there's no such thing as post concussion syndromes… This guy did very intensive testing for two days and said all the other testing I did and all the diagnosis of a visual disorder and atanomic disorder that a athletic therapist who specializes in concussion rehab. The neurophyc says it's a bull… Which has me conflicted since his a 40 year old veteran of the brain and the new therapists with all these new studies and therapies get thrown out… I don't know what to do and it's 6 years of hell with 2 of proper care since doctors never took my concussion seriously..

Tobias Birmingham says:

Yes- this video is accurate. Problem – the damaged area does not show up anywhere-
How do we cure this! It has ruined my life!!!

Heath Mell says:

Hoping you plan on picking up where you left off soon, this is a subject that so many people don’t understand. As a football coach in Canada, the protocol here, is that all coaches need to follow a safe contact course, which touches a great deal on concussions.

While concussions as an injury is treatable, given that the patient gets the right amount of physical and cognitive rest that their brain needs to heal properly, the biggest issue is the people who try to rush back to their normal routine, or sports. So many kids try to hide symptoms so they can get back to practice, or parents are pushing them to return before they’re ready.

As you mentioned, this is where the biggest issues can occur, as it can cause the patient to develop post concussion syndrome with long term effects.

I’ve enjoyed the videos, and sent a few parents to view them, so I’m really hoping you continue you series, and help educate people in how to recognize and treat concussions.

LaTasha Mcdowell-Harris says:

My concussion occurred july 16..still suffering. I also messed up 2 disks in my back. Going to physical therapy 2x a week and now occupational therapy. Im suffering so bad im not normal anymore.

Tor Magne Nilsson says:

3 years and still got it 🤔.

Ben To says:

Hello Doc
Could i suffer from this even years after an inccident? About 8 years ago i hit the back of my head very hard on pair of pool stepps in shallow water.

While i do not have major problems right now( or maybe i simply got used to it?) i can say that i do have all the symptoms, that you named in this video, except for maybe the metabolic problems since i do not believe that i am qualified to diagnose these.

America Bless God says:

Please tell me what kind of doctor knows a about these things?

Kyle Aarsen says:

Ive been having head pressure for over a year now and its leading me to suicide. I had a cat scan and seen neurologists but they cant find the problem

Variety Videos says:

Sorry to comment so much but this is all the time for me, when I look at anything it seems like it's a bit off, not quite as clear or still as it should be or as it really is. Anything, this computer screen, a tree, persons I pass by, everything I look at. Inside my brain feels like something is trying to turn or even turning or spinning.

Variety Videos says:

I think I have almost all or maybe even all these conditions, or problems, he mentioned. I'm 60 years old, very depressed (have been for years), have no social life and can do very little every day. I try to get out and walk but it isn't easy. It's very scary crossing the streets when these inconsiderate drivers just want to make their turn; I feel as though they will run me over.

Ashley Ervin says:

My symptoms are…….migraine disorder, headaches, loss of balance, studdering spells, vision loss, very sensitive hearing, increased anxiety, anger, and frustration. Mental slowness. The hits to my head have caused c1-c4 to buldge and a chunk of bone is missing from my c4. I am in constant pain and cannot work. I get 12 shots every three weeks in my head and neck to control pain. I have memory blackouts and debilitating dizziness. The hits to my head have caused blindness on the right side of my right eye. The muscles were also hurt I cannot purposefully move my right eye right. It turns when following objects and I turn my head but I cannot will my eye to move. Most days I am feel really sick and can't do much. Today I could barley keep my balance. Ya….MY LIFE SUCKS. I use to love reading now I can barely track well enough to read. I use to love hanging with friends but now I cannot. At 33 years of age I cannot be myself outside…..I am watched closely. Did I say my life sucks? I will say it again MY FUCKING LIFE SUCKS.

Elizabeth Slover says:

I've been suffering from post concussion syndrome for over a year now. The worst and most present symptom is eye pressure and almost a feeling of them being overwhelmed when there's a lot of movement going on. This causes me to get dizzy and have migraines. What part of my brain could be causing this and what would help?

Trent Stross says:

Hi, my dad fell a while back and hit his head on concrete. He has lost all sense of smell and taste and is very depressed. This is month 10. He sees a doctor and says he will be okay and it will come back eventually. I need your opinion. Anything I can tell him to cheer him up. He always tells me he hates life and he might kill himself if he never gets it back.

Amelia says:

Thanks for this video. Will you be making a video soon about what needs to be done to heal and recover?

MB K says:

So what if I’m still having symptoms 19 years after and no one has ever Diagnosed me with anything. Now my eyes are getting bad and I fall sleep at the wheel if I don’t wear super dark glasses and a huge sun hat. I think I maybe finally on the right path and I have an appointment tomorrow too have my eyes checked and on August 2nd I have a sleep study. So hopefully I can have some of my symptoms fixed. It sure would be nice to sleep. I have had insomnia since I was about 8 years old. So if you have any advice I would really appreciate it.

Keith Dickerson says:

had three different injury 1st got hit by truck landed on head 2nd heat stroke 3rd fall down damage spine .. You think I'm between mild and serve

R - says:

Is this permanent or not? My concussion kinda ruined my life. Aside from all the physical symptoms it's literally like I'm a whole different person. And I'm in a whole new dimension of the world like I'm in 3rd person disconnected from the world.
Idk bro…

Is there any cure or will I live like this forever?

EDIT: I know you're trying to make $ n stuff but be honest with me. Don't try to sell me something for your own interest cuz I'll be able to sense it like a rat.

Tyson says:

Thanks, Doc, keep up the good work. These videos are perfect for post concussion patients who can't handle very much stimuli. Reading text online or from a book is something I personally can't do much of anymore so these videos are a blessing. Thanks again

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