Post-Concussive Headaches: "A Pulsating, Rumbling Fight Inside Your Head"

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When post-concussive headaches start to build, even concentrating on the keys of a computer keyboard can take extra concentration and energy. That is why managing headache medications and strategies is imperative.

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Ela says:

I'm here as a testimony that by the grace of God you can and will recover from PCS. I swung my head harshly into a sharp edge of a table in 2012. I felt whiplash movement. The onset of my PCS came on about 5-6 days later… Like a delayed reaction. Every symptom you can think of, i had it. EVERY ONE. Full recovery was about 2 years more or less (it wasn't at its worst the whole entire time.) My remaining symptoms are eye floaters and light sensitivity… Otherwise I am NORMAL. One day at a time by the grace of God, call onto him and acknowledge him and be grateful… He will heal you ❤️🙏

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