Posttraumatic headache may persist even 5 years after traumatic brain injury

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Sylvia Lucas, MD, PhD, Clinical professor of neurology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, University of Washington Medical Center, discusses post-traumatic headache five years after traumatic brain injury.

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AZ Ramirez says:

Sumatriptan @25 mg helped my headaches after my TBI. At first I would take it about 3 times a week! About 5 months later I only need to take it once a week! Now I get less headaches and I’m able to actually concentrate!!

Kahler Nygard says:

Why is it the thing that works best for them is opiates, and second best is cannabis? Migraine meds don't work, and they want to human guinea pig me and try a bunch of stuff that can make it worse because doctors are scared to death of prescribing opiates


1979 suffer a fracture zygoma, TBI, bad neck injury. The pain and headaches never go away.

Justin Fendelet says:

5 years after concussion still get what I call a,new style headache that weren't present not once ever before my concussion…had one last night barfed all over sweating….this alllllllll started after I took a,trap door in the head …..

Nicholas Rourke says:

Yeah I'm in agony ATM cause of 4 TBI. I understand why TBI often off themselves. This is torture

PGI Grace Salve Ta-aca says:

Stopped having headaches after 5 years😊

MIKE100 says:

Tbi is the real deal

A Plus Merchant says:

Vaping high CBD cannabis helps me when I have a headache due to post concussion syndrome

Nancy says:

What about anxiety and depression?

Paul Leaner says:

Motor accident onstant headache since 1/26/07. Venifaxine 75 mg
not good answer.

Eden says:

is she Jeff Bezos cousin or Mark Cuban? Can't tell

Chelsea Miller says:

Six months since my second since my second car accident (Have had a headache from the first accident 6 years ago). Started making YouTube videos about staying creative with post-concussion syndrome… Check it out if you want to join me trying to navigate this terrible problem…

Chelsea Miller says:

Six years since a car accident and have had a 24/7-365 headache since that day.

Tonio Cartonio says:

Try to go to UPMC!! They can cure pcs

Jm Mm says:

28 years and I have them everyday, has not changed.

Jm Mm says:

18 years and I still have them.

Pollyanna says:

After all these years! No good preventative med, what a travesty

Pollyanna says:

This is ALL ABOUT head trauma and neck injury and blood vessel Dilatation

Pollyanna says:

39 years and still 12-15 a month- on disability

Joe Raw says:

23 years and i still get them

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