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Two new studies involving high school football and hockey players indicate wearing a specifically designed compression collar around the neck may prevent or reduce the devastating effects of head collisions in sports. The neck device, a Q-Collar, is designed to press gently on the jugular vein to slow blood outflow increasing the brain’s blood volume. The resulting effect of the increased blood volume helps the brain fit tighter within the skull activity, reducing the energy absorbed by the brain during collisions.

The analysis of neurophysiological and neuroanatomical data from the brain showed athletes in the non-collar wearing group had significant functional and structural changes to white matter regions of the brain but these changes were not evident in those who did wear the Q-Collar.

“The results of the studies demonstrate a potential approach to protecting the brain from changes sustained within a competitive football and hockey season, as evidenced by brain imaging,” said Greg Myer, PhD, director of sports medicine research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. “We still have more data analysis and investigation to do but this device could be a real game-changer in helping athletes.”

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