Psychiatric Issues After Brain Injury

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Learning patience and acceptance of self after a TBI can be incredibly painful. It takes time and fortitude. Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough and Brian King, BrainLine.

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Ann says:

Epilepsy, domestic violence, concussions, head injury 😢.
Anxiety, depression.
20 years seizure free.
The meds caused EPS.
DYSTONIA, PARKINSONISM, TARDIVE DYSKINESIA, and Akathisia, and brain 🧠 injury according to my neurologist. It's progressing …

Midnight Mogui says:

I breathed in a toxin at work. This caused 'enormous' 24/7 headaches for 3 months. Now, I have double vision in both eyes…everytime I push or indeed stand for too long I get enormous left sided headaches, double vision gets worse, fatigue etc. My neurologist says my scans are ok but I simply can't push out of it. I spend most days seated. It's been over a year now. I'm so unhappy. Does anyone know what I should do?

In-Justice says:

Hey can you please tell me this:
If you KNOW you have a brain injury, but are DIAGNOSED with schizophrenia, but “they” won’t acknowledge brain injury, so they drug you according to being schizophrenic…. How does that affect you??

As a doctor told me bc a brain injury is irreversible, it’s pointless, and can be very harmful, to “medicate” (drug) someone with an ABI AS IF a schizophrenic…

neil brown says:

2014 MY tbi also sub arracnoid hemorage and sbdural hematomas I`m still alive but frightened because of the greater increase of stroke.

ayla lanman says:

Its like your brain is full of memories you cant remember, you know that you know it but you cannot remember it.

Emily McArthur says:

When I was 10 I was swinging on a big swing set and was going really high when the chain link snapped and I flew and did a face plant into hard packed sand, I don’t remember anything except waking up in a hospital, throwing up constantly, and repeating the same sentence over and over again. I had no mental health issues before this event and now I’m 23 – diagnosed with bipolar 1 and generalized anxiety disorder and my psychiatrist believes my brain injury has sparked these illnesses and it explains a lot. The timeline of my mental health issues lines up perfectly with what happened to me and I often wonder “what if I didn’t get a severe concussion?” Would I be normal today? Would my life have been a lot easier? So interesting how this stuff happens.

James Williams says:

.May God bless Dr UROMI on YouTube for helping me to get rid of my herpes virus thanks again Dr uromi you can also message him on YouTube or message him on email

Andy CowBoy says:

This is happened to me a brain 🧠 injury TBI

Mark Nichols says:

I had a severe brain injury 18th Sept 2017, cycling and van drove in my rear at 70mph. Broke nearly everything as well. Ive been diagnosed with bipolar also in last 6 months. Its a bizarre life and been a huge learning curve. I’ll never work again and given 10 years life expectancy so not good.

Everyone just try enjoy everyday , I try i live alone as I don’t feel safe around people but try hard to enjoy a walk or even a cake. No sense of taste unless incredibly sweet.

Eric Taylor says:

I know a story of a lady who healed from a TBI with a raw vegan diet. It took several months to see results but ventually she was able to return to her high paying career.

Randy Claywell says:

TwoTBIs when I was very young and a cluster of three about 6 years ago. Absolutely no help. No idea as to what was happening. In a fight to get help: a hard, hard fight.

Username says:

Is there any way for this to be reversed?

Самил Петров says:

My power steering went out while rounding a curve, and i drove 30ft straight off of a bluff. I hit the fuck out of my head on the steering wheel and passed out for an indefinite amount of time. I had major symptoms of concussions for a year after, but doctors told me there was nothing to stress over. I was 17.

I'm now 20, and schizophrenic. I dont know if the brain injury sped things up or caused it, but if you ever get your head banged up, get an MRI. It could save you a lot of fear and misery

vada vasquez says:

I was shot in the head when i was 15 ,November 16 of this year will make it 8 years but i am still struggling with daily task and i feel like my life is falling apart, your video helped to shed some light, Thank you.

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