Recognising the Criticality of Stroke: Insights from Dr Rajesh Kumar V.K.

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Recognising the Criticality of Stroke: Insights from Dr Rajesh Kumar V.K.

Dr Rajesh Kumar V.K., a distinguished Consultant in Neurology at Narayana Hospital, Guwahati, recently shed light on the importance of understanding and managing strokes.
A stroke represents a sudden disruption of blood circulation to the brain, which may lead to severe outcomes like disability or even death. Dr Kumar underscores the significance of recognising its symptoms, often encapsulated in the acronym ‘BE FAST’: Balance loss, Eyesight changes, Facial drooping, Arm weakness, and Slurred speech.

The implications of a stroke are vast:
• It can stem from multiple risk factors, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and even one’s age or family history.
• Strokes have classifications: ischemic or hemorrhagic, both of which result in detrimental brain damage.

• A crucial concept in stroke management is the ‘golden hour’, a critical window typically within 3 to 4.5 hours post-stroke. During this period, swift medical action, such as clot-dissolving treatments, can drastically mitigate brain injury and augment the chances of recovery.
In conclusion, Dr Kumar emphasises that prevention is paramount. This involves embracing a healthy lifestyle, consistent health check-ups, and immediate medical attention upon spotting stroke symptoms.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:17 – World Stroke Day
00:31 – What is Stroke
01:23 sec – Signs of Stroke
01:53 – Risk factors
02:36 – Causes
03:15 – Management of Stroke

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