Recognizing a Child's Early Brain Injury Later in the Classroom

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Children who sustain a TBI early in childhood often grow into their injury; their problems sometimes don’t surface until they are in elementary school. Produced by Victoria Tilney McDonough and Brian King.

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Strange _ Okapi says:

I'm that kid and i thought i

pirate878987 says:

Thank you for making these great videos. This is exactly what I am attempting to bring awareness to myself. I had a TBI at 6 months old, then a whole string of concussions in childhood and teens. Doctors need to ask better questions as well, I read a doctor state that 'children lack the sufficient cognitave skills to tell anyone of their concussions or symptoms. I am 44 now, struggled with all of these problems, and most probably have CTE. Please keep up this good work.

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