Recovery after traumatic brain injury

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A family works to help young man recover after severe traumatic brain injury. Other videos on the Utah Neuro Rehabilitation channel show ways to improve after a brain injury.

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Sanu Sehar says:

Hi dr plx help me. I had an head injury when i was 8 years old. After that. I lost my focus . feel difficulty in learning. I can't do communication with other. What shoul i do. Plzxx help me. I am now 26 years old

janu jan says:

after brain injury to my husband he is in coma in one week . He can forget that accident .and after incident he got short term memory loss even 2 min also not remembering anything.max how much time to recovery .to cure?at that time I'm 8th month pregnant.i have a 15 days baby now .,but still he is telling I'm 8 th month , it's to pain full for me . May I know how much time to reduce this short term memory?loss?

i i says:

How is he now? Is he the same person like he was before the accident?

Doc Mar says:

I had an awesome musical ability before my tbi and use to to tour. Now it's all gone. It was my life and love. How can I get it back??

Heather Strazza says:

After getting t-boned and hit in the head by a full speed suv, one side of my skull was removed, I had died twice, was in a coma and even a brain stem tear, and many many many prayers. I had a severe traumatic brain injury 5 years ago and miracle after miracle I recovered more then normal in lightning speed. And with my praying friends 18 out of 20 other ppl in this ICU had there own miracle and was sent home! I pray my testimony brings you hope <3

kavita says:

What did you do for get up

Riley's Wof says:

It's been 3yrs and I still can't walk without a walker.
I had crainatomy surgeries.

kavita says:

Plz tell me

kavita says:

Mam after how many months he get up and seat

Free Speech says:

Doctors don't do #%^*

Victoria Adeniji says:

So happy for your recovery so far, Jeremy. Congrats and keep making progress!


How long it took to get him in this position after surgery….

Canal da Bloom says:

In any moment he said about God. Awesome

Carol Luchin says:

Helps to have such an awesome mom. Ann you are wonderful.

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