Rehabilitation After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): a Helen Hayes Hospital Patient Testimonial

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Angela was transferred to Helen Hayes Hospital
following a catastrophic motor vehicle accident
in which she sustained a traumatic brain injury
and numerous other neurological and orthopedic injuries.

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Rookh Ch Hadaram says:

Wellcom dear madam
My left ear had been weared Balgum to35 year
This time My memories is almost 0
My age is 42 years old but ,due to loss memeries ,am hard upset please help me???

Giriraj Darak says:

Fine mam , she is improved a lot , she can see, eat ,move , recognise, remember etc , but yet she can't stand and walk on her own , if we help , she can

Giriraj Darak says:

My daughter had injury and now taking rehabilitation , can you show some vedios which excercise will work better for her

Brian Haab says:

I was in Helen Hayes in 2011. Best hospital! Thought I was in a hotel.

Angela Leigh Tucker says:

I hope this video inspires those who are currently on their healing journey at Helen Hayes Hospital. Have faith that our lives will continue to improve thanks to the incredible treatment we received there.

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