Relationships After TBI

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“When something this devastating happens to the person you love, it’s a moment of truth in your relationship … and for me, I absolutely couldn’t imagine losing him …”

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Mackenzie Dog says:

80%attempt suicide in 4 years. Half are dead in 5. Life expectancy for survivors is radically reduced from simple BRAIN DAMAGE. No one told me this. I got told br specialists I was naughty so dangerous to others so others needed protecting from me. NOPE, I NEED PROTECTING FROM POWERFUL IDIOTS

Kim Pridgeon says:

Is there any way to get in touch with this lady who was the wife? I’m wife of TBI husband post injury 24 years. We are still having such difficulties and I would love guidance! I’m trying to plead with him to get help with behaviors but not much success. Need answers please! Kim

joe doerr says:

What about if the TBI recipient was in a wheelchair with a severe TBI was there any consideration of severe TBI recipients

The Blue Hotel says:

This is so important.

amina a says:

Having tbi is a nightmare it’s life changing u become a different person.. I’m single don’t think I ever find a man now because of this no one wants to be bothered with this constantly sick

Bob Street says:

I need help I can't take it alone anymore I can't take it anymore I need help I can't take it

Jason Stockman says:

He was very blessed i now have 2 tbis and also was electrocuted in 2 ft of liqid acid w/ in the last 6 yrs ive lose all my " family" as well wife daughter mom dad sister everyone and if i dont get help very soon i will have lost my home and i dont know what to do other than pray for a blessing 🙁

Cheri Weber says:

Beautiful story may God bless them. I hope that my loved one can continue to move forward in progress also

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