RELEASING TRAUMA THROUGH BODY MAPPING FOR SLEEP Guided sleep meditation to reduce stress

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Welcome to my channel and podcast dedicated to GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATIONS and inspirational content designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply, reduce stress, manage anxiety, achieve your dreams, and take back control over your life. Using cognitive behavioural therapy, a CBT therapeutic framework, my guided sleep meditations are suited to adults, parents, children, students, and babies looking for help
and guidance to achieve a night of deep sound sleep, peace, direction, and relaxation. My name is Lauren, and I am a qualified, certified Counsellor (M.A) providing online counselling and life coaching. Subscribe to my channel for more content, read my articles on Medium, download my podcast on Spotify, read my book ‘Daily Rituals For Happiness”, and follow me on Instagram and Patreon for additional support and add-free audio meditation downloads.

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The information provided by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is intended for support, informational and comfort purposes. It is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment regarding medical or mental health conditions. Although Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is a qualified therapist, the views expressed on this site, related content, or associated sites should not be deemed medical or psychiatric advice. Always consult your physician before making any decisions about your physical or mental health.

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Original vocals, script by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton. All right reserved © 2023

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Lauren Ostrowski Fenton says:

Hi everyone I've been thinking about you and yes in response to your requests I've done a little bit more on trauma… Remember if you've experienced trauma you really need professional help this content is supportive therapy only and is supposed to fit underneath professional support… I've been very busy… Processing grief spending time meditating doing yoga going to the gym and letting go… I'm still on the tail end of processing grief… But I'll be okay I hope you're okay please let me know what you think of this content love you all very much …. For those of you who have been asking about my lives I'm doing them daily on Instagram just look up my name Lauren Ostrowski Fenton big hugs

Lauren Finucci says:

Thank you Lauren for your help ❤

StraightupGamer says:

Love your voice wow grats on 200k 😮


Thank you for your help! I'm grateful thankful 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿. ❤

Connie Hinton says:

Lauren…thanks so much for helping us…I will take any free resources you have for relieving sleep anxiety-heart palps make it almost impossible to sleep.😊

OnceTheyNamedMeiWasnt says:

Thanks so much, so much trauma, so much self hatred, but this is great. What a wonderful person you are. 💜

Reina Tamayo says:

is it normal to get panic attacks from this? the first time i listened, i got to sleep fine for a few hours then i woke up feeling really wired and couldn't go back to sleep. the second and third time, i tried sticking to it even tho i couldn't fall asleep, then i feel a great tension in my chest, triggering a panic attack. is that normal? how can i work thru it? if anyone has any advice, that would be much appreciated.

Victor Jason says:

Does anyone think it's weird that there's a waterfall, but the sound is from a beach. 😂😂😂

Alycia_Joly says:

My family always said I needed professional help but what I really needed was someone to be there for me in a loving way. Not selfish love.
I needed professional help was used as a way to make me feel crazy and I felt quite abandonned , rejected, unheard.

Why was my anger seen as hostile when all I was doing was screaming it out.
And my parents hit me very agressively when they were angry.

I release this.
Alone but free at last.

Knownwellenough says:

I thought that was a hand

Birna Agnarsdóttir says:

I love this so much. Pray for you alwayz thank you so much

MANIC 5-OH! says:

I hold my childhood memories in my @$$

J9nKidz H says:

I was thinking that your speaking is normally to slow and spread out for me— I WAS ASLEEP IN 11 minutes! THANK you! So blessed to have found your space here! 💜🙏🏽

jonathan Forlin says:

You are the Guru, you are the guide, you are the professional! The truth is in us all, wishing you grace on your journey inwards!

MANIC 5-OH! says:

This is weird. What a thing to be woken up by! And it has done just that 3 nights now. Fuk outta here!!!

Genesis says:

I really like this video but I couldn’t get past 6 minutes because your voice got way too loud compared to the background and the quiet moments between you saying one word body parts just amplified your voice and startled me nearly every word. I think a softer tone and maybe less emphasis on the enunciation of the words when you go to say them. The layout of this video is the best I’ve seen so I’d like to be able to sit in a rest position the entire video. Maybe I’m just super sensitive! Just throwing it out there

Vas Mar says:

Omg !! What you said about the toes..!
Is the key releasing the tension or integrating it ?

What about marijuana and processing of the tension ?

Shall we be strong like a rock embodying the trauma or empty and waterish ?

If I let go of my pain is like letting go of my dreams and power. Mistaken ?

Wendy Huntsman says:

Hold up, are there people out there who actually listened for 4 hours? Like how? That's so cool but it boggles my mind. I like to use meditations to relax but to get to deep sleep I have to turn it off. Anyone else like that?

I want to sleep and listen, too. How do you do it?

Margaret J. Ellis says:

My 1st x w/ you. May you continue processing your grief as is best.
I haven't stopped 36" in, but, have resistance.
Im concerned the water sounds may promote physical reactions i dont want at night.
I realize you're using a cycle of physical releasing, ( I'm humored by the pronouncing of some words) emotions, questions about self, some therapy and a repeated series. There are some good self questions.
I'm hanging in w/you…..for now.

Asea says:

Thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea how much I needed this

ThaReal Car-Lee says:

I’m so glad I found this… I’ve been working through my life long trauma using therapy, shadow work journaling and meditation. I recently lost a grandparent and I was re triggered again by things I’d never remembered (grandparent was my only safe person) it has left me feeling like a vulnerable little girl all over again. You are a wonderful person for taking your time to put this type of healing energy in the world…. It’s so easy to forgot that humans like you do exist in this world. Thank you so much for giving me not only a moment of peace, but the ability to ALLOW MYSELF TO LET GO!!!!

Thank you so much, blessed be❤

dogs are better than you says:

Started crying at 4 min … why

White Wizard says:

Thank you very much! This has helped me very much! I’m a reiki healer. I know how to release for others…funny I needed to be reminded how to release for myself! Sending love, healing and infinite blessings your way and to every living thing on the planet🙏❤️🌈

Themrfreebody stupidchanges says:

good luck, and dont give up, make a phone call, go to the hospital. the pain left in the ones who lose you, your loved ones… is equaly as bad as you face in your brain everyday, its not fair no, but you will be the reason for all that pain.ptsd haunts me non stop, i was stabbed to death, years ago, brought back from the dead over and over then again, finally i wake up in a coma some time later, 50k to pay now, surguries for years to fix my face, ptsd and agoriphobia hits me, years later i get disabled at work, do the surgury, causes my thumb muscle to die, and makes the nerve way worse, now im in wcb and ptsd is far worse than ever, and they want me to work, with what feels like plugging my fingers in the wall…… we will see if i make this one. would not wish wcb on my worst enemy. good luck everyone. ❤

Amanda Lynn says:

Your voice reminds me much of Kate Blanchett's. So rich, velvety, and soothing!

Sheetal Raghuwanshi says:

Thank you …this meditation was just amazing, grateful 🙏

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