Research shines light on sports brain trauma. — Researchers and TBI study participants share.

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The University of Utah has conducted a study investigating the effects of the Vielight Neuro Gamma tPBM device on retired pro players from collision sports, who suffered from TBI or other forms of brain trauma. The results of this important study are eagerly awaited by the researchers and the participants alike.

This video presents interviews with the participants and researchers who conducted the study. It is worth a few minutes to listen to what they have to say. It is very encouraging, and we are as hopeful as the participants of this study. For more information please visit

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Stuart Stein says:

I have a couple of similar devices. One is a PEMF device which has light therapy using goggles through the closed eyes. I was going to use it on my mother who has Alzheimer's/dementia but I came across a contraindication which was I think authored by Dr. Pawluk stating those on blood thinners should not use PEMF if on blood thinners which my mum is on. I couldn't find any medical study on it though. As stated in the video about thins the blood makes sense though, so I couldn't risk using it on her unfortunately. I had heard of the device a few years back, used in those studies and people who used it, I am sure as part of a cancer protocol.

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