Rethinking Concussion Treatment | Dr. Balaguru Ravi | TEDxBuffalo

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Dr. Balaguru Ravi showcases his research on concussions and explains why our current thoughts on treatment may be outdated. Dr. Balaguru Ravi discusses a new evidence based treatment approach using subthreshold aerobic exercise for patients and athletes who suffer from concussions at TEDx Buffalo 2019. Dr. Ravi attended the University at Buffalo for his primary care sports medicine fellowship and worked closely with UB’s concussion clinic where aerobic exercise has been implemented at the high school, collegiate and professional level. He is an Internal Medicine/Sports Medicine Physician who is passionate about treating patients with the latest scientific evidence available, especially regarding concussions and nonsurgical musculoskeletal injuries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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monkeyflipper says:

If you're here looking for answers, check out Complete Concussion Management… lots of videos and information about how to treat concussions.

Paul Dorotich says:

Great research and it's awesome that moderate exercise within a threshold can improve recovery times from a concussion. My question is, how do you define 'recovery'? Just because symptoms such as headaches stop does that mean the brain is fully recovered from the injury? If we break a bone it may have less pain after say 2 or 3 weeks but we don't consider it fully healed until 3 more weeks generally speaking. So what about a concussion injury; shouldn't it be subject to similar timeframes?

Jean Jones says:

My daughter had multiple concussions from cheer at 13. She had symptoms for about 1year. During that time she couldn't function. The symptoms caused social anxiety. Then went into suicidal thoughts. They ended up diagnosing her with bipolar. She is now 19 and is finally getting her concentration and able to learn again. After 15 hospitalizations for suicide attempts…her brain started functioning correctly about a year ago. She has been off all her medicines for 4 months now. She is going to a psychologist to handle the anxiety and mood issues she still occasionally has. I feel her brain needed to heal.

Y L says:

Wait a minute, you take someone who has just had a concussion, and you put them on a treadmill??? “exercise prescription therapy”? “My prerogative”?

Y L says:

A coma is a state of consciousness between life and death, and a concussion where you get knocked out is a short coma.

maybememory1 says:

Yeeaah, days? I'm a year and a half out, there are people 5-10 years out with post concussion syndrome. I see these hockey/football players and cringe, I have no idea how they're still going.

Wandmaye Slupik says:

Good fats, vegan diet, turmeric, match green tea, moringa….

SODUSTA, Mikey P. says:

I've just recovered from my concussion yesterday. I got my concussion after arguing with my mom and i went outside and punch my head. After 4 hours i woke up and i have a severe pain in my head i was nauseous i vomited many times. Just be positive always and rest is important stay hydrated exercise if you feel your symptoms just rest do some inhale exhale stay away from depressing stuff watch something that can make you positive it can make you feel better. Talk with your friends and family they can help you get rid of your concussion. And don't forget to Pray ❤

Natalie M says:

Four and a half years with post-concussive syndrome. After the initial injury my primary care physician told me to sit in a dark room and stare at the wall for a few weeks, then I went on medication. I only recently stopped the medications and found a physical therapist who used the same strategy as Dr. Ravi. It made me feel more confident about my (long-overdue) recovery process. It's reassuring to hear Dr. Ravi's talk to know that hard research and work is being done to learn how to best help people like me.

Heather Weir says:

I have a concussion right now that’s crazy

DC TS says:

someone got a link to that study?

अकबर علی says:

Thank You Universe 🙏🙏🙏💕

Jean Paul Jean Paul says:

What about those who pass the BCTT but fail the Blackhawks conditioning test. Is the treadmill test a good indicator for return to sport? I’m one year post concussion, but have failed to return to competitive CrossFit, and tennis.

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