Return To Work Predictors After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

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Predictors of six-month inability to return to work in previously employed subjects after mild traumatic brain injury: A TRACK-TBI pilot study.
(Yue, 2021, Journal of Concussion)

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Tahzeeb Fatima says:

When I was playing cricket and doing fast bowling my head moved side by side suddenly and very fast at the time of throwing .. from that time I am having sharp pain on my right side of the head do I have a concussion . Please tell me

janet says:

I went back to college in 6 months after my TBI. I spent 2 months (August & Sept) in a coma, intensive care & three surgeries (none on my brain) and 1 month at a Rehabilitation Center (the month of Oct). I went back to college in January the following year. I was there 2 years and graduated Cum Laude, Outstanding Technology Student and Outstanding Women student of NIU. That summer I started getting seizures and everything I worked for went downhill. To this day, 15 years later, I still can't hold a full time job doing anything meaningful. I can work a simple job and nobody can tell I have a TBI, but I have cognitive problems mostly and some emotional. Physically, my body is doing great after all of the injuries. I am a personal trainer, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Pilates Instructor. Actually, I think all of the working out, activity and healthy eating saved me. My heart goes out to everyone who suffered through a devastating accident like me and I wish them all the best luck in the world.

Teresa Jones says:

I physically could not do my Job and I'm at 7 months.. says:

Looking back at the start of my injury, I should have returned to work and tried to adapt and adjust to my growing symptom increase in the workplace instead of just staying home and resting.

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