Rhysasaurous Rex: Life after a brain injury

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Rhys Davies was a successful I.T. engineer before a head injury changed his life dramatically. He’s not in I.T. now and he’s not Rhys. He’s Rhysasaurous Rex, an artist living where he can.

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Marilyn Schmidt says:

Although his disability isn't visible I think he needs more wrap around support.

Mark Teslin says:

I like this independant guy.

Trudy Louisa says:

I like the humanity of the interviewer very much. 👏🏻

Nahze Williams says:

can relate to this guy

Hary noor says:

i hope im ok…i have nerve head problem for 1 year..

Milla Cerne says:

I got a bit sad when he used the r-word. He himself is mentally disabled, so he really shouldn’t use a slur for people with mental disabilities. Especially not in a show about special needs. Otherwise he seems cool.

CarBQ says:

The only thing that could get me to wear a hat like that is TBI

Saraj E. Stephenson says:

Please send me a painting! Amazing!

pantyflash says:

Like, even though your brain is hosed, you enhance all of Kiwi-Land (and that's absolutely awesome). Way to go, babe!

Amelia says:

That dog truly loves him. What a gift. Beautiful to see the relationship between him and his dog. He has full time care right there.

Julia van Run-Kilic says:

What a fascinating story! I love listening to this guys new worldview! In fact he takes everything in with childlike innocence and with a good heart. And although he has many challenges, he seems very much to be in the present moment. And is authentic, doesn’t care what other people think, feels free…… Then his friend says he needs to become “normal” again. But what is normal”? working your butt of to pay for a house you’re never in, coz you’re at work? And then work even more to pay for the car to get to work, buy the suit to wear at work, come home exhausted, sleep and leave the house you’re never in….? Think about it. I call that slavery….unless you’re passionate about the work you do (not the amount of money you earn). I wonder if this guy lives what they call a “walk-in”?

Michelle KiwiGirl Crawford vocals says:

You come across as quirky, articulate, intelligent, creative and a free- spirit! Keep on being you and all the best for your future!

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