Rita's Story: Recovery from Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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Rita traveled from Denver, Colorado to seek help after exhausting all the options of myriad local neurologists and rehabilitation specialists. She provides deep insight into what it is like to suffer from a TBI, and what a gift her recovery has been.

Apologies for the overexposed video, we wanted you to see the snow falling on our private wetland that faces our intensive lounge, and hopefully see the ducks running for cover.

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Miles Cobbett says:

See the balance test videos on the Bart Foundation YouTube channel

Britni Cassell says:

30 years ago from a car rolling over my head as 1 1/2 I had a severe traumatic TBI

Pelican1984 says:

Incredible insight and such an eloquent speaker. Thanks and best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vivencia Reyes says:

Pray to God to heal you

John Vallsäter says:

I'm somewhere on the autism spectrum and I feel exactly the same. It feels like my brain is damage suffering stimuli problems and cognitive problems. I try to work out everyday and eat well, hope my brain will get better

Tsunauticus IV says:

There is a live streamer named Jewel Rancid. She had a tbi and needs help. Seriously.

Tales From The Leash: Expat Dog Life says:

In 2 years time I suffered 2 brain injuries. Both of which were life threatening and life altering. My doctors said my survival was miraculous. Everything changed for me. I look normal but my brain isn’t. I have a service dog now and often get asked WHY.

Faisal Bi says:

Hi how are you now?

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