Safe Community Living with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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Ricky goes to an adult day program every weekday. He was born with cerebral palsy and lives with a traumatic brain injury that occurred at age 17 when his wheelchair fell off a school bus. His family has used BAYADA services for the last 20 years to give them a little normalcy.

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He needs aide and nursing services in the home, and Maureen Baker has been his clinical care manager since the beginning. She’s the one who creates his care plan, approves and trains the staff, and monitors his progress. Maureen is a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse and a member of BAYADAbility Rehabilitation Solutions. She shares her years of experience and expertise with TBI to thoroughly train Ricky’s caregivers on the diagnosis-specific requirements of his care. She’s never more than a phone call away.

BAYADAbility is the first and only program of its kind in home care, employing a network of rehab nurses who specialize in serious diagnoses, like brain or spinal cord injury. It was created to provide care for catastrophically ill or injured clients, who would have difficulty returning home otherwise.

Clients with a traumatic brain injury need more specialized care. Their caregivers must be well-versed in seizure precautions and proactive about safety issues, doing things like padding the side rails. Often, the clients will require a hoyer lift to transfer from their wheelchair to the bed. Ricky has a Gastronomy-Jejunostomy (GJ) tube, which connects the stomach and the jejunum (the middle portion of the small intestine), and that’s how he receives his supplemental feedings. All his medications are either liquid or need to be crushed for the nurses or the family to give.

TBI puts clients at a higher risk of hospitalization for TBI-related complications. With specialized home health care, Ricky’s complications are either prevented or caught early, before they become serious. Ricky’s never been re-hospitalized for a TBI-related problem. Maureen Baker and her BAYADAbility team are a big reason for that.

In addition to the high standards of clinical excellence, BAYADA makes an extra effort in matching caregivers with patients and families they’ll get along with. “BAYADA has this magnificent way of finding people that they know fit our personalities and Ricky’s personality,” Ricky’s mother, Patti, has said.

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Of course, we want our clients to be happy, but we also want our employees to feel heard and respected, too. That’s why our clinicians provide the best care—because they’re invested in their clients, who become more like family than anything else.

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