Severe Foot Drop: the Clinical & MRI Findings of a Real Client with a Surprise Finding

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In this video Dr. Gillard presents (with permission) all pertinent clinical and MRI findings of a patient with severe foot drop, without any low back pain. You will certainly be surprised at what is found when Dr. Gillard goes over the MRI images, slice by slice. This is version 2 of the story which was edited because of new information learned.

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John McCoy says:

#kenmore service manuals

Cass Wilt says:

I am 23 female with an identical foot drop and L4-L5 S1 disc herniation, and spondylitis lumbar spinal stenosis post fall out of bed. it is going on 2 month. Your video was so illuminating, because I feel very confused by all the doctors I have seen. I have had one Steroid epidural and in a wheelchair now. I also experience all my pain in my right leg and minor lower back pain, every doctor I have told looked shocked and said it’s not possible… they also mentioned severe arthritis. I have had pain for years but after the fall the foot drop has made it impossible to live normally (I don’t have minor bladder/ bowel issues where I do not know until I gotta go right then). I have had one MRI done so far, and referred to a neurosurgery place soon.
I saw your scale and I would rate myself an3 to 3- like this gentleman.

I wanted to share, and thank you because this is the only video I have found which has given me actual information I could follow and understand.

Renard Sacco says:

Did this person have lumberization of S1?

Sally-Anne Brown says:

Hi Dr Gillard
Hope you are well. Seems like they missed that on thier review. Still gold star though.
I have issues being investigated now. And all in the lumbar region

Kelli Stewart says:

I so wish you were near me to look at my MRIs. Boy it is hard to find a quality specialist near me.

Pete Schreiber says:

My MRI is almost identical to this man. My foot drop is left foot. I have severe 0/5 left foot drop. I had the surgery 3 weeks ago after waiting a month. L3/4 L4/5 Laminectomy, facetectomy, foraminotomy, with L3/4 diskectomy with Neurolysis of L3/4 nerve roots, and also have very little to none gastroc muscle push off, just like you, I can't calf raise on left at all. That would be the L5/S1. My surgeon did just as you recommended to this man, a good clean up. No fusion, no disk implant. Do you know if this man ever got movement back in his foot to dorsiflex? I'm hoping I get mine back, but so far nothing. Do you know how long the nerves take to heal? Also do you know if you need a functioning gastroc muscle to allow the muscles in front of leg to lift the foot. From what I read, when you dorsiflex the foot the gastroc muscle has to relax and vise-versa. If gastroc muscle is tight it will actually force foot to be pulled down in the front, further inhibiting dorsiflexion. I was planning on sending you my MRI's for other spine problems I have been having for many years before this happened to me. I had whole spine MRI's a year ago and when my foot dropped I had to get another MRI. All of the new stuff happened without any trauma. Was decorating the tree and got some pain in back, next day foot dropped. I had bad back surgery 28 years ago on L4/5 and was never the same. Sorry for the rant Doctor. I enjoy watching your channel. Thanks.

Houri MK says:

Hello Dr,thanks for your great videos,I am a 30yo with 2 bulging discs ,2 protrusion n 1 extrusion ,I have gotten way better with physical therapy,but I just can't walk on my toes,neuro surgeons say I should get a surgery but I really want to know your opinion if it's possible

Harold Voss says:

I came down with "ACUTE" Drop Foot and what the VA here in Dallas id doing is,
–Diagnostic studies: MRI Brain and neck wo contrast)
It's all Greek to me, but they seem to think its a nerve someplace around L-4
My chiro and other Docs explained to me basically what you have said in this video,
Right now until the MRI and the Nerve study is done, (2 weeks from now) is PT with a towel
My best hope is this can all be fixed HOPEFULLY in Chiro and without any surgery..
AND, the info you put out in this video, helped ease my mind some as you and the Docs at the VA are basically saying the same.. 😛

Tanya Burrow says:

I have foot drop due to Multiple Sclerosis. My hamstring has also weakened. Is the anything else I can along with physical therapy?

John Goh says:

Prof Douglas Gillard, your explanation, interpretation, and presentation are very impressive and professional. I did follow this video 2-3 years ago I can recall. And today, I saw it again. I am 84 years old and a great grandfather of two very cute and adorable boys, 2years old and one 7 months. By the way, Prof Douglas can I have the script of your talk by email to me at – – I am a Singaporean living in the Republic of Singapore in South-East Asia far away from you. Thank you and God bless you abundantly.

Matt Mortenson says:

Hey doctor, I hAve had for 30 years and I have a severe foot drop now where I cannot walk because I go directly up on my big toe and then down the hard because my other foot isn't even touching the ground. Does Botox help this? Thank you for your future reply.

Sheila Marks says:

I have foot drop right now. I came down with it about a month ago. I have no movement at all in my right foot. I go for. Nerve conduction study on the 22nd.

Sandra Murkerson says:

If the thecal sac is total Black what does THAT MEAN?

Dominique Banks says:

Since May 2019, I had a bad fall from a stroke with seizure. I developed foot drop/left sciatic mononeurpathy. Its hard to walk, work and stand. What would you advice me to do? I have done physical therapy and talk to multiple doctors about it. Lots of tests were done as well.

Jan Taylor says:

I had polio with left leg weakness when I was two. At age 60 I developed post polio syndrome and have severe foot drop. I also wore out my left hip and had it replaced. Over 45 years ago I had an l4-l5 laminectomy. Had EEG again recently and MRI of spine. From far east maybe patient had polio in youth.

Caltiki says:

I love to hear a heath care professional use words like 'funkiness' great video !! Thnx !!

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