Shelbi's relationship with her husband after her brain injury

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Shelbi talks about the Couples Care program and how she and her now-husband differed from the others in the group.

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Macayla Hoying says:

My husband and I had had an on and off romance for a while before my injury. I had been quite in love with him for sometime before my head injury and he didnt want to be with me right away in having another relationship at the time. Later a year after my head trauma we started a public romantic relationship and he asked me if I wanted to have a baby
And I was not all the way out of highschool, almost dying a year before, coming out of a coma and being on life support, put me in a rush to experience things I might not have been able to, so I said "yes I want to have a baby!"

My family was close knit and all cared for me while I was young and I had hoped they would care for a baby I had in a similar way and respect my choices, dreams and wants as a parent and individual. I never did have the same values as my parents and my mom was not pleased with my choices and I was unable to put a cap on who I was anymore to others. My need to please others by doing as I was told or brought up is broken. I still struggle to this day where my family cannot have the compliant child I once was and I call my family out on their previously and current abusive behaviors. I'm also learning my own emotionally toxic things. And trying to unlearn them

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