Signs that it's Serious

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Some head injuries require more than rest. Learn the signs that a head injury needs immediate attention. Visit for more information.

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Juan says:

I had my stepdad try to kill me all the time when I was a kid he was a psychopathic lunitic he hit me in the head with something I don't know what it was but it broke my skull wide open from front to back I had blood gushing out everywhere all over the place and it just poured out like a fountain I stuck my hand inside my head and felt my brains from front to back feels like a bumpy gooey sponge I don't remember anything after that I was in a coma I don't remember ever being at the hospital or coming home I was in a Halo they stapled my skull back together wired it and stitched it back together I also have epilepsy from it and scoliosis and sciatica down both legs broken left leg 1 leg shorter than the other ringing in my ears itching from head to toe focal seizures imbalance paraylisis temporary total blindness sound induced epilepsy light sensitivity feel like I'm on downers all the time tons of problems from it I'm 38 now I've had it since I was 4 and it's just been getting worse and worse

Fya Wood says:

We never went to the e.r.

DSNCB919 says:

Can't hear

St. Clair says:

As I continue to watch this video I see I have so much to add here. To make a long story short they don't know what's it's really like until they be on the receiving end which causes a traumatic brain injury. What I have to say is sad. It isn't good news at all. I just can't believe they saying children don't need a cat scan. I know like God knows something very horrible is happening to children behind closed doors and mothers and fathers are stomping their own children heads in the ground and don't care about getting the child aid. Imagine someone playing baseball with a child's head over a period of years. Living in pure fear. They find a away to shut us up for awhile however God is speaking londer silently from within on subjects like this. Am a survivor of all I just mentioned even second impact 3rd stage traumatic brain injury. Yes it's a miracle am still alive after being hit in the head with a gun also later after my mother did me in. Never held accountable. It took me 20 plus years to finally connect the dots and know what happened to me back in 1988. My mother is a foul evil bitch. Not only to me but I have witnessed her assaulting another family member in the most horrific way and have no remorse. She's a pure coldhearted evil killer. Someone that hated me for no reason and what makes it even all worse after going through all this. People just added more. So revenge is a must. Every one has failed. Oh yeah and in serious trouble big time. Exposing all that's evil is a must. This thing about traumatic brain injury. God is getting his revenge. They tried to shut me up. Now its payback time


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