Signs To Look For After Head Trauma, According To A Doctor

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NBC’s senior medical correspondent Dr. John Torres joins TODAY to discuss Bob Saget’s cause of death, which his family says was accidental head trauma. He describes the differences in symptoms from a simple bump on the head to something more serious, and the telltale signs to look for including headaches, vision disturbance, dizziness, nausea and confusion. “There can be subtle signs that build up over time,” Dr. Torres says.

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Lori Digiovanni says:

I remember reading the actress Mary Frann who played Bob Newhart's wife on the show Newheart died in her sleep at age 55- her autopsy also showed trauma to her head which surprised me. I thought maybe both actors slipped and fell in the shower and hit their head, got up quickly and never gave it a second thought. That's why Bob's room was undisturbed- he thought he was fine, he was tired and went to sleep. Mary went to sleep and was found dead in the morning by her boyfriend. Very tragic fir both of them. It's not in our nature to think late at night when all we want to is go to sleep but neither realized this was serious and they would never wake up again.

Roland Vazquez says:


j p Gabriele says:

Excellent info

David Vincent says:

Any registered DemoKKKrats has obvious head trauma…

Cliff Brown says:

Someone should talk to Joe Biden about this.

Maryanne Melenka says:

I heard not supposed to go to sleep after even a small bump, not right away anyway

Jeff Carr says:

Serious signs….unnatural arousal,sense that you are being followed,fear of contacting authorities,splitting of the scalp, broken skull.

Marie E. says:

So, how did Bod hit his head??? Was he in an accident??did someone did it? Did they check for evidence before ruling a stroke?? I don't know, something is missing here.

Ezekiels Bot says:

Bunch of bots in this comment feed telling fake stories of head traumas. Thinking this is related to something else and not head trauma.

Like Chalk And Cheese says:

Thank you for sharing this video and bringing head traumas to light.
5 years out with a TBI and I've been getting worse. It's a lonely existence living with a TBI.
Again, thank you for sharing this.

Kathryn O'Neill says:

Working with a children at a Preschool I have always been taught to never allow a child to take a nap if they accidentally hit their head, call parents right away and write a incident report. Unfortunately a lot of people don't realize how serious hurting you heard can be.

Kathleen Tyson says:

As a retired nurse when i heard this my heart just ached ,it may have been prevented,in adults their brains don’t have room to swell ,the Witt’s part is that he fell asleep ,when one hits their head they shouldn’t sleep for many hours,he must have fallen and hit his head quite hard ,it’s just tragic .

662E says:

Ive hit my head really hard a few times but it was always in the morning so I never went right to sleep afterwards…..scary.

Rhonda Alan says:

He had covid but performed in front of a live audience? You are catching yourself in your own propaganda

Nia Howard says:

If u are alone, let someone know so that they can check on you because if you start getting symptoms and you’re alone; I could be over before you realize it.

Janet Hastings says:

In all the news about this no one (a Dr.) has not mention DO NOT GO TO SLEEP after you hit your head) I was always told after a hit on the head you don't go to sleep. If he stayed awake longer he could have felt how bad it was and got some help. R.I.P. Bob.

Gen Xer says:

Yeah it was Vax in head trauma

Sylvia Oesterwinter says:

Nothing "between the lines". Can we please stop dramatizing this for ratings? The poor family. This is done and closed and stop!

Super Jaded says:

I’ve experienced head trauma a few times. It’s never good

b h says:

Looks like the coof jab did Bob Sagat in. Which covid booster shot he took?

Scott Sent says:

How much does this dope, "expert" John Torres, get paid for this? An epidural hematoma is not "bleeding inside the brain." It's bleeding between the skull and the outer membrane covering the brain. There are blood vessels that go between the two that can be ruptured with trauma, causing the bleeding that can put enough pressure on the brain to cause these problems.

Omar Fig Films says:

I nearly died from a head injury while inadvertently riding a malfunctioning scooter in the early 2000s, it was bad. You get dizzy, you start to forget, everything goes black, then it goes back to normal and the headaches are horrible too. Luckily my family rescued me in time (it was my fault for not wearing a helmet, I was a silly kid). My family told me never to sleep because people who hit their heads don't really know if your inner wound is worse than you think. I went to my doctor (that same day) and he also told me the same thing: “If you accidentally hit your head badly, go to the emergency room with a family member or call 911.” But never fall asleep. My heart really breaks and I’m so sorry.

Irish43 says:

It is very possible that he hit his at least a month before if not longer. My grandfather was a farmer and got kicked in the head by a cow. He thought he was okay but at least a month later if not longer he was being rushed to the hospital for surgery of a subdural hematoma. He could have died if my mom a nurse had not seen the signs.

Frances Welch says:

This happen to wine gave she was married to look. L. L nealsom

Jesus Lover888 says:

This is scary information, no doubt.

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