Spasticity: Best Stroke Arm Stretches

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Spasticity is a movement disorder that can happen due to damage to the brain or spinal cord. This is the third video in a series explaining what spasticity is, why it happens, and how to treat it.

First video in this series:
Second video:

More stroke arm stretches:
Stroke leg stretches:

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Time Stamps
Demonstration of stretches 11:12

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RJ Silos says:

thanks for your wonderful videos! where can purchase the band you use to wrap your hand around the cane handle with? thanks

corrinna corrinna says:

Wear a colorful bracelet or watch on your affected side to call your attention to it. It's even better if your bracelet has charms on it to rattle.

James Mceraghan says:

My leg drastic it's was gone the day after it was back stiffened rt up bAck of thigh we only did what I normally do,is recurring normal if so how long oh we did my hand too split out the fingers and looked at the rest the arm up so now I'm getting spasms every time I bend it is that normal thanks again

James Mceraghan says:

💕 oLove your style and experience I Am A stroke victim aug1 still trying to walk just started out patient therapy April 11 2022 doing they say I barely walk with Walker at.rt the hand I,am your vids are awsome thank for sharing

Richa Shilpa says:

Does the massages help with spasticity? Or it can harm?

tenna krupsdahl says:

Can you send a link where to buy the Albow straightener? Thanks 🙂

Jim says:

Hello Dr Tara, I had a hemoragic stroke 16 years ago which affected my left side i have the pain and burning and stopped taking the meds. because they did not work i have learned to live with it. the question i have is how do i stop the shaking in my left arm when i move it it shakes terrible. also my left foot tries to roll.

Anthony Carney says:

If the Nhs was barve they would be showing ur blogs in hospital they just let you stay inwitno excise I was waiting for them to start working on my arm but they did nothing itwas3years before I seem a lot of help on utbethey don't want to spend time with you r money onu they just rite u of its not fair I am still a human being

Abigail Demanya says:

Severe neck pain in a stroke patient how can it be cured?

M Moon says:

Can u tell me which elbow immobilizer you use please?

Mark Hanna says:

Merry Christmas Dr. Tobias !

I am very happy that I have found your channel and pray that it is discovered by everyone in need of the caliber of rehab expertise you offer here. God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to all suffering from various painful ailments.
Dr. I have MS since 1999 And last July I turned 50 : I stayed fairly healthy by God's grace over the years.
Dr. I'm confused by what I was told by my physical therapist is called TONE that is a Force pulling me backwards to better explain this – – when my caregivers or anyone helping me stand they feel I'm " resisting" them.

Mark Walker says:

My mom's arm currently can be stretched to about 45 degrees of abduction and less than 45 of shoulder flexion. Is it possible to work toward getting her arm overhead in time?

Pablo says:

Can you do one for neck spasticity?

mal rosee says:

What about a knot behind right shoulder? How to stop the contracting and stiffness?

Choong Li says:

thank you Dr. Tara from tbi patient

shabuddin meeran says:

How many times qe have to do the,exercises.

Marietta Tasitorno says:

Right affected Hand & foot execises for spasticity

Stacy Clark says:

Thanks for caring enough to spend your valuable time sharing your expertise & knowledge! God bless you & watch over your & your family!

Blanca Moreno says:

My husband is in long term care for brain hypoxia and he is very tight in his arms and fingers but they wont do physical therapy on him. How can I help him with his arms and fingers since they're super tight.

Michelle Nazario says:

One of my problems is that I have no family to help me. Ive been on my own since the stroke

abhijith j says:

Do icing benefits for spasticity???

Ilias Rodios says:

Hey thanks for the tips but your exercise or even the therapeutic approach that you show are not compatible with patients with high muscle hypertension or a higher lvl of spasticity…

Smith says:

I think I have a crush on you ☺️

Mino/Mukesh GUPTA says:

Great work you are doing, for all. Thank you.

Tito Golpo says:

thank u for all the info.bout on how to recovery from stroke specially who feels spatisity.i got a little bit knowledge on how to handle it …coz me personally i experience it.😍hope to see more videos excercises…

Eli Brown says:

Do you have any product that helps stretch the damaged arm?

Aivor Beirne Rumbaua says:

You're an angel

Vy says:

Can I just have a question so I have the brain swelling now they affect to my left side make my left side very weakness and the dr orthopedic he say I have a radial nerve but my neurologist he say I have a muscle plasticity because my finger can open and straight it so he would like to send I go to physical medicine and rehabilitation you think that's can help my weakness go away or getting better thank you

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