Spasticity Treatment: Common Mistakes

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The previous video on spasticity left many people more confused and with more questions than answers. So today, I wanted to connect some dots between what spasticity is (discussed in the last video) and why this matters when you are performing your exercises. The link for the last video is listed below.

Previous video: What is spasticity –

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birdie0021 says:

TO THE POINT…I have a partial (PSCI) I always see videos on SCI, but not partial. It is 2022 now I had a neck fusion in 2002 when they found out what I had. I think it was a C4-5 injury, to the outside edge of my SC. I have spasticity & clonus., (my condition could have been a lot worse), but on the other hand I can do almost anything SLOWLY. I have some weakness from atrophy all over my body, mostly my left side and legs. I did not have a stroke or any other disease. I have been as active as I can be, walking, hiking, stretching, yard work, etc. I'm a woodworker-designer. I do less building and more designing now, "From the Chair work''. I found that in order to improve my physical condition, I should quit designing and become a yoga teacher, where I can spend the entire day stretching and breathing, LOL Do you have any information or sources regarding PSCI and what I would call mild spasticity and clonus? I like your videos and have been sending them to a friend who lives around Sarasota, FL. I'm in NJ. He is in much worse condition than I am. He had a lumbar fusion, (because of pain), He was active and could do anything before the fusion. Now he can't walk or control bowel movements. He has been in PT for a bout a year now, with some improvements,. I sent him your video on the functional stem unit. I thought maybe that unit could jump the damaged part of his nerve that got messed up during the fusion operation. Any information for me and my PSCI-spasticity-clonus and my friends condition would be greatly appreciated, Thanks for making your PT channel. BTW my daughter became a PT, she works at Kessler, in NJ, working with brain and SC issues.

Evans Lozo Blanco says:

Thank you Dr Tobias😍

noahscapesax says:

My wife and I love your videos. You are so knowledgeable! Is there a wrist/hand splint you recommend aside from the air splint? My wife has should and elbow movement coming back, and saw one video where you strongly recommended a splint for the hand/fingers.

Judy Johnson says:

My OT has me throwing bean bags at cornhole board. Is that bad for spasticity?

Smeller7 says:

Love your videos! Any opinion on the supplement magnesium glycinate to help relax spastic muscles?

asish bhattacharjee says:

Can I contact with you through whatsapp .

joshuaporter98 says:

Weneed more hand recovery bids with equipment and techniques

joshuaporter98 says:

Span a little on the type of hand sprints and training exercises you like? Do you like minions feel like they have reached a
And in terms of hand function

Anamika mishra says:

Hallo ma'am.i want to know that splint can make spasticity worse or they can help to treat .i m little confused plz guide me. I am also physiotherapist.plz ma'am

On Point Movement and Performance says:

Hi do you have any videos or suggestions for stroke patients or dementia patients that struggle with paratonia where there is excessive extensor tone when trying to stand up?

Amanda Mariekc says:


Dominic Favors says:

If you didn't get the movement back in six months after your stroke can you get it back still

Veez Fishing says:

you talk too much, just get str8 to the point

Michael Faulkner says:

Should I put a splint on my arm over night?

gloria walsh says:

Jasus frustrating is the tip of ice burg , trying to hang in there !

gloria walsh says:

I have had Botox for spasticity, temporary , doesn’t help me to actively move fingers

Number One says:

Controlling my breathing helps relax the "monster" aka tight muscles.
FOR MY ARM using my cane to "bench press" has helped my reach. Now I can use a 10 pound barbell to bench press. She is right it's more about practice then strength but always control your breathing!!!

Lynda Atherton-Miles says:

I have severe leg spasticity initiated when I try to stand back firmly on my affected foot – can you show some exercises for that please?

Vickie Gray says:

I have MS and after being hospitalized last January for double pneumonia as well as aspiration pneumonia. Requiring me to be on the ventilator for a while. I always seem to take a long time to get my self back again. I have to work really hard to be able to handle a fork, pick up a glass etc. one thing new happened this time. I seem to get vocal spasms. It’ll make it impossible for me to form sentences without a lot of pauses and stuttering. Is this related at all maybe spasticity of the larynx?

Rolando Rosell Jr says:

Hi doc thank you for all your videos its such a big help… godbless you more power

Auntee Teen says:

My arm has normalized greatly. Thank you. Now to work on the leg.

Auntee Teen says:

Thank you for your indepth explanations

Auntee Teen says:

Its my foot and toes for sure

Mark Reynolds says:

Thanks for sharing this video, , I have spasticity in the leg and hand , the hand more in close fist

Kellyn Nabozny says:

This was incredibly helpful as a patient thank you

Rechelle W says:

How do I email?

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