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Glen Allen was doing yardwork like he did most every Saturday. After about two minutes using the weed eater, he walked in the house and called for his wife Amanda. Amanda found him unresponsive on their couch.

Glen wasn’t breathing so Amanda frantically called 911. She did CPR until the fire department, who were first on the scene, arrived seven minutes later. After 20 minutes, an ambulance arrived and the EMTs were able to stabilize him and get him to the emergency room.

“His chart said initially that he had a heart attack, but after testing, there were no signs of that or a stroke. They think he inhaled something or had an allergic reaction to something that caused a bronchial spasm which stopped his breathing and his heart,” said Amanda.

While the cause may be unclear, the result was an anoxic brain injury, a lack of oxygen to the brain.

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Love this my son is here now. Wonderful place

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