Strategies to Help Regulate Emotions after Brain Injury

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Let’s talk about some strategies to help with emotional regulation after brain injury, including mindfulness, ways to communicate, and giving permission to yourself to feel. Healing is both physical and emotional, and it’s okay to be “off” sometimes.

In this clip, Cristabelle is joined by Rebecca Quinn and Carly Endres from North Dakota Brain Injury Network.

💙 Hear more on the podcast! — This is a segment from “Hope Survives | Brain Injury Podcast” with Cristabelle Braden – Season 2 Episode 3 “Emotional Dysregulation” – hear the full conversation on podcast feeds or at:

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M CJS says:

My emotions are so sudden and overwhelming I cannot use any strategies to help. If the emotion suddenly overwhelms you how can you use a strategy? No one seems to be able to tell me this. I have become very desperate about this. I have tried mindfulness, breathing exercises etc. I have tried medication. I don't get ANY warning when the emotion pounces on me. I have no one around me to support me. HELP.

B G says:

Trying to parent after my TBI was the hardest thing my family has gone through. I wish there had been more support in place for my child.

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