"Stroke Of The Eye" Symptoms Need Immediate Attention

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A Pasadena man went to bed with normal vision, then he woke up half blind in one eye. Now he’s part of an international research study to treat what doctors call “Stroke of the Eye.”

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@chalkdust2877 says:

Chronically high BP can cause BRVO which means fluid is leaking into the retina because the veins in the eye are pumping too hard for too long. I had uncontrolled BP for a year or so because no meds were lowering it. I wound up needing an eye injection in June and the next day my new BP med worked to finally control it. I have been back to the retina specialist every 2 months since June and my vision is 20/20 – I asked him if we could stretch the visits to 4 months instead of 2 and he agreed but wants to wait until it has been 1 full year. I am ok with that.

@Drd0229 says:

Why do you have to see up dr immediately if there is no treatment? And what are the symptoms? Just sudden loss of sight?

@Alanaboo912 says:

So what kind of Dr should you visit

@TheKensei777 says:

isnt that the vary dairy blirtatious migraine girl

@husha6372 says:

I have had a retinal stroke but I was wrongly diagnosed with brain stroke and I have lost my left side eye and my whole left side is paralyzed

@kennethwhitehusrt8726 says:

Calling 911 Now

@kennethwhitehusrt8726 says:

Ok I'm ., I'm blind…100% blind,… Crap

@DosBear says:

This is exactly what happened to me back in March on my birthday at age 62. Left eye. There is nothing they can do. They say it must be treated within 15 minutes. Well that is never going to happen unless you actually live in the hospital & even then it is very unlikely they could have done anything to save the vision.

@loriwelch9015 says:

I had an eye stroke seven months ago. I noticed blurry vision in my right eye. Then suddenly I couldn’t make out letters or numbers. Thankful that my vision went from 20/60 to 20/40 in one week. Now it’s back to 20/20 but I still have some issues. I had COVID last year and my dr said that could have been the cause. I heard diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol cause this as well. I don’t have any of those issues. That’s why they suggested COVID was the culprit. I’m now on three thousand milligrams of fish oil everyday as well as a baby aspirin every night.

@kishankothari135 says:

Can somebody explain me what is the problem with me !
When i scroll on my phone fast for e.g ( on instagram scrolling all the people whos seen my story)
I can’t focus on anything it’s unexplainable and also when i am travelling and the vehicle is going fast, its like i am on whole another plain ! It seems like its affecting my consciousnesses!
Also, if an object is close to me and i want to look through it or from the side to another object far away i just can’t do it its really hard to focus on the further object and seems like i am lost!

@Mistastylz says:

This happened to me in 2017 right eye no improvement in 2023 no cure just learning to live it.

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