Suicide after Brain Injury

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Brain injury survivors may struggle with loneliness, isolation, and depression. This may lead some to consider suicide. We can all help people with brain injury and help prevent suicide.

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Ian Morris says:

I really enjoy your work as a survivor and academically. In this video you talk about a triple suicide related to TBI and family finances. You do not address the financial question which burdens most TBI survivors as their medical insurance runs dry. Do you have any advice on what to when the money runs out?

J D says:

I got a TBI after a failed suicide attempt 4 yrs ago.

reyesbrayan17 says:

I don’t know what to do anymore I’m not the same.I’m so slow now .I sometimes wanna end it

Patrick Rogers says:

My brother took his life after getting a TBI and it breaks my heart everyday

Pansak Chutharuangmanee says:

“Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy”

no need probably worsen

Datta Bodhai says:

Hello Mam
I am from India. My younger daughter Dnyaneshwari (10yr) is affected by cerebral palsy. No she was not able to walk. She is born like other normal baby. After 3.5 year she was walking with scratching foot finger on surface. Slowly slowly her muscles getting stif. Now she was lost her balance. She was not able to stand and walk. Please help me for making her life normal.

Harriet A says:

Thanks for sharing how devastating 😢 I really hope they are all together on the other side 🙏 ❤

Trisha Butler says:

Hi Dr Judy I'm Trisha I myself had a stroke at birth and couldn't ever consider committing Suicide I just think of all of my family members that I would leave behind and how devastated they would all. I there for would never do that to them and that is whole reason that there are times when I watch Me before you and it makes cry because I love my life and won't leave this life till the good Lord calls me home.

Guru Notebooks says:

In case someone reading this can benefit from it, there's a book titled "30 Days to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts" by Harper Daniels. It's a good book for anyone struggling with such thoughts like that. Peace to all.

Sergey Solomakhin says:

You are a very kind person.

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