Surgeon Sleep Secrets – The Art & Science of Sleep

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Surgeons are forced to optimize their sleep to the highest degree due to the nature of their work (of chronic sleep deprivation). These are the steps to get better at sleep, wake up early, not feel miserable, and have a healthier relationship with sleep.

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01:42 – The Chronotype – Fact or Fiction?
03:33 – The Four Pillars of Sleep
04:53 – 5 Steps to Sleep Serenity
05:00 – Step 1. Laying the Foundation
06:21 – Step 2. Bedroom Optimization
07:54 – Step 3. Pre-Bedtime Routine
10:40 – Step 4. Wake Up Routine
11:26 – Step 5. Daily Habits to Improve Sleep (Alcohol, THC, CBD, Caffeine)

-Why We Sleep Book:
-Philips Hue Starter Kit: (one of my favorite tech gadgets)
-Philips Wake Up Light: (great if you just want wake up light without the added features of the Hue smart lighting system)
-Black Out Curtains: (These are the ones that I used. They also are thermally insulated to keep make sure your room doesn’t get too cold at night)
-Sleep mask with eye contour:
-Ear plugs for sleep:
-Sound machine: (includes white noise and other sounds to help you sleep)
-Blue light blocking goggles: (decreases the harm done by computer screens late at night)

-Peter Attia The Drive podcast:
-How to Wake Up Early & Not Feel Miserable:

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Med School Insiders says:

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Nikita Smith says:

I struggle with sleeping during the day then stay up at night

Dawn Martin says:

To get rid of panic attacks do this. I had them for 6 years and they terrified me. I had 50 in one day once. Take natural vitamins not synthetic ones.. Vitamin B12. Take Magnesium Taurate and Magnesium Glycinate and you are going to be so well again..I also have faith in Jesus which helps me daily. Check out Dr Berg's videos on YouTube. I learned a lot from his videos and they are totally free. To get rid of Chronic insomnia which I had 6 years do this: go to bed at 8pm every day and wake up at 6 am every day. Stick to this routine without napping in the daytime and your sleep will be fixed. I wish someone had told me this 6 years ago. I really suffered a lot and want to help as many as I can to get over this horrible disease called insomnia. And don't use technology or the Internet 2 hours before bedtime. Do not go to bed with things racing around your mind. God bless and heal you.

Thakius Muckfeather says:

Nothing helped, absolutely nothing

Junior17 says:

It literally takes me 3 to 4 days to mess up my sleep schedule again after it's fixed!! Super annoying!!!!!!

Tasha Xu says:

Lmao u a freeeeeek

SirZex says:

My school sleep schedule:
Wake up,
Take a shit,
Get out of bed.

Snarling Maiden says:

Hi there, I have been watching your videos lately and I am wondering what you think of eye masks for sleep? THanks!

Joana Jacob vidyarthi says:

I am a person who has literally so much time to sleep, but this insomnia and anxiety will surely take my life one day πŸ™ I survive the whole day with only 2hrs or no sleep 3-4 times a week

Michelle Ossai says:

Guys, Jesus is coming back. Much sooner than we think.

Levi Ackerman says:

Me watching this at 4 am without going to sleep

Tirtha Maya Gurung says:

I really hate my habit of not being efficient πŸ˜”πŸ˜”I really want to do my best in every thing but I fail to do so πŸ˜₯

Great TV Fiji says:

What about kava it is pretty good

Watson Murthy says:

Love the program!!

RP says:

I am feeling sleepy after waiting this video in the afternoon 😴😴😴

KILL ME PLEASE !!! says:

I'm night owl, but definitely it affects my health, my job, and mental wellbeing, thx for the video

Milos says:

Who else is binging these type of videos at 5 Am? πŸ™‚

Chris F says:

I just take melatonin for my sleep, when nothing helps. Otherwise with the amount of 4 hours of sleep, i'm a walking disaster. Very good advices, thanks.

Dr. Rishabh Shukla says:

When I sleep on time of exam I always think I miss the exam

Dr. Rishabh Shukla says:

It take a time 3,4 days then every thing on track not in one day

tropicalcitruscandle says:

Sorry but how am I meant to get 9 hours of sleep. I have to get up at 8am so that means I've got to go to bed at 12am?

Gwin Willis says:

If teenagers are hardwired to sleep late and go to bed late, why is every single high school in the U S starting at 8 am? Why do we torture teenagers like this?

Saad Khan says:

Idk y but its v.hard for me to sleep.. I don't have any checkup yet but its v.much easy to sleep by taking coffee before bedπŸ˜……however if i take tea before sleep its same as usual

Johnny Page says:

I work 6 hrs off 6 hrs on 24 hrs p/day 42 days in a row.

Cortney Zeiler says:

Brand of red wavelength light bulbs?

Sasha Ncube says:

I have slept for 4-6 hrs per day for about 2 months, and I have not noticed ANY signs of sleep deprivation. I am an athlete and my sports performance continues to grow and improve, while my muscles also improve and get stronger. Would it be safe to say that I am a short sleeper (SSS)?

KofiLovly says:

β€œyou’re not too busy, you’re just inefficient with your time” i feel personally attacked sir

Jordan DuBois says:

Say goodbye to all optimizations when you have kids

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