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One man’s life changed forever when a low-speed collision left him with two pseudoaneurysms on either side of his skull. Personal injury attorney Chris Davis with @DavisLawGroupSeattle stepped in to handle the case and was [More]
Date: Friday, July 14, 2023 from 10am Location: Community Hub at the Dock, 912 Collins Street, Docklands.
Presented by Claire Baker and Mark Wilson. If you would like to get your CPD Certificate for watching this webinar, simply go to: https://traumacareuk.typeform.com/to/BLQC4owJ Links To The Relevant Papers: -The Relationship Between Road Traffic Collision [More]
Stanford Star Oscar Da Silva came down hard trying to guard Colorado’s Evan Maxey, when Maxey fell down on Da Silva attempting a layup, Da Silva’s head hit the ground extremely hard causing a laceration [More]
READ THE PAPER: https://bit.ly/359DMXE Baker et al. report that brain injury risk relates to road user vulnerability and collision dynamics. Pedestrians and cyclists were at greatest risk. High lateral change-in-velocity exposure increased car occupant brain [More]
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