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NEW DELHI:Syracuse basketballfans have a reason to rejoice as 6-foot-11 centerPeter Careyhas successfully clearedconcussion protocoland is set to make his return to the court. Carey, who had been sidelined for the last four games, will [More]
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. When it comes to concussions, every single player we see is unique. Which means that the time it takes every single player to recover from a [More]
Dr. Baginski: Concussions can be really tricky because sometimes it’s difficult to tell how you’re feeling and where these symptoms are coming from, so it’s really important if there’s any sort of concern to be [More]
Preventing concussions http://zhealtheducation.com/episode-135-concussion-prevention/
Dr. Michael Collins discusses concussion management and treatment at UPMC’s Center for Sports Medicine. Meet the Patient 12-year old Anna Conover was diagnosed with a concussion after a basketball injury. She went through the ImPACT [More]
MEDICAL ANIMATION TRANSCRIPT: A concussion is a brain injury resulting from a violent head impact or rapid head acceleration deceleration. The brain is a soft and pliable organ, and requires physical protection from the environment. [More]
Concussions are the result of a blow to the head or violent shaking. They are common in contact sports like football. In a concussion, the brain slides back and forth against the inner walls of [More]
TU’s center is the first interdisciplinary concussion center in Oklahoma that accepts patients free of charge. Its team includes professionals and graduate students who work together to treat each patient for what staff call a [More]
Insync Physiotherapy 604-566-9716 http://www.insyncphysio.com 4088 Cambie St. #102 Vancouver, BC   V5Z 2X8 Most popular upload shorturl.at/nuDR1 Channel Page Link shorturl.at/dDE05 Channel Page with subscription popup link shorturl.at/kOQY1 https://www.linkedin.com/pub/insync-physio/42/518/a44 https://www.facebook.com/InSync-Physiotherapy-Sport-Medicine-Rehabilitation-clinic-174870799230333/ https://twitter.com/insyncphysio https://www.pinterest.com/InsyncPhysio https://www.youtube.com/user/insyncphysio
Many headaches are related to neck dysfunction. Knowing where a headache is can guide which area to treat, which often involves manual therapy to the offending muscles and joints. Interested in learning more about the [More]
A new type of neck therapy is helping concussion patients with lingering symptoms.
Because you love Author Events, please make a donation to keep this series available to everyone: https://support.freelibrary.org/site/Donation2?df_id=1860&mfc_pref=T&1860.donation=form1 Please note: the light levels during the recording of the video were lowered to accommodate the author’s traumatic [More]
Concussion treatment has come a long way. Healthcare providers used to rely solely on observing concussion symptoms to manage concussion. Now, they have objective concussion assessment tools at their disposal to back their clinical judgment. [More]
Sonja Donohue is a typical active Central Oregon woman, with a great love of sports and the outdoors. She is also the Executive Director of The Center Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to youth sports [More]
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