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http://braininjuryhelp.com 1-800-992-9447 http://whybraininjuryattorney.com/ Our interview with Craig from our TBI voices project. To say that Craig’s marital problems are a familiar story to me understates, the significance of that issue in my career. The first [More]
Check out this weeks video to see Salvator get adjusted for the first time ever! He was in a car accident years ago and still has some issues and pain from that. Watch the video [More]
Rhonda Johnson has had a hard time finding a place for her son Brandon, whose brain injury causes him to have outbursts. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/traumatic-brain-injury-mother-son-washington-homeless/281-fbce0fe5-b895-4008-96c4-4034721b9d71
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