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Dr. Ahmed clarifies concussion in relation to traumatic brain injury. To learn more VISIT https://www.kaizenbraincenter.com Episode 3 of our Concussion Education Series with Memory & Concussion Specialist, Dr. Mohammed Ahmed FOLLOW US for daily brain [More]
Many kids suffer concussions, but getting your child seen by a concussion specialist early, could make all the difference in their recovery.
Holliday Karatinos Law Firm, PLLC 15316 Cortez Blvd Brooksville, FL 34613 (352) 597-0009 https://www.helpinginjuredpeople.com/brooksville/ The difference between anoxic brain injury and TBI is how the injury occurs and the amount and type of damage that’s [More]
Learn why professionals need to treat TBIs in service members and veterans differently from those in civlians … and how the VA can help.
Learn more about pediatric concussions at http://goo.gl/3WeoV
Dr. Taryn Stejskal explains the concept of ambiguous loss — the feeling of being stuck when a loved one is physically present but psychologically absent or different.
Minneapolis, MN personal injury attorney, Douglas Schmidt talks about the difference between a concussion and a traumatic brain injury.
#shorts #rehabhq I want to briefly explain the difference between spasticity and foot drop. The reason I think it’s so important to understand is because if you Google foot drop and you have spasticity, you’re [More]
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