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There is new hope for military veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Stanford released a study about a psychoactive drug meant to help those suffering from traumatic brain injury. Dr. Nolan Williams, associate professor [More]
Spasticity can be a very real issue for some people and can impact significantly on their ability to maintain mobility and live without pain. With newer more effective management strategies now available it is vital [More]
Hypoxic Brain Injury After Drug Overdose & Cardiac Arrest, ICU Wants to “Pull the Plug” on our Daughter Book your free 15-minute phone consultation here http://intensivecarehotline.com/scheduling-appointment/ Call directly 24/7 +1 415-915-0090 USA/Canada +44 118 324 [More]
**The Future of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy & Delivery of Therapeutic Agents for Neurological Diseases** Neurovascular Ultrasound Imaging & Transcranial Doppler Spectral Analysis of Cerebral Blood Flow for Blood-Brain-Barrier Microbubble Delivery of Regenerative & Neuroprotective [More]
https://intensivecarehotline.com/blog/quick-tip-for-families-in-intensive-care-hypoxic-brain-injury-after-drug-overdose-cardiac-arrest-icu-wants-to-pull-the-plug-on-our-daughter/ Quick Tip for Families in Intensive Care: Hypoxic brain injury after drug overdose & cardiac arrest, ICU wants to “pull the plug” on our daughter Book your free 15 minute phone consultation here http://intensivecarehotline.com/scheduling-appointment/ [More]
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