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Shop Now https://www.amazon.com/Neofect-STEP-Dynamic-Walking-Stroke/dp/B08Y5MQP4K/ref=sr_1_31?keywords=AFO+foot+Drop+brace&qid=1637649005&sr=8-31 Explore other rehabilitation solutions at: https://www.neofect.com/us/ Neofect STEP provides a strong, lightweight solution for patients with varying degrees of drop foot secondary to a variety of neurological conditions. Neofect has taken the [More]
Is your hand tight? Are you struggling to open your hand? Hand therapy just got easier with the Spasticity Hand Treatment Kit! Check out these FREE resources: https://www.saebo.com/blog/treat-spasticity-stroke/ https://www.saebo.com/blog/dynamic-splints-contracture-need-know/ https://www.saebo.com/blog/guide-electrical-stimulation/ For more information on the [More]
Mr. Karthik a young gentleman who visited us with foot drop and hyperextended knee as a result of a traumatic brain injury few years back. Although he had made a decent recovery, the aforementioned factors [More]
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