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Want to go a little deeper with Tara? ➡️ BECOME A GOLD/PREMIUM MEMBER: Join our growing community of members and get instant access to over 400 exercise videos and Live monthly meetings!: https://rehab-hq.com/ Sponsored Products: [More]
Unlocking the signs of stroke is crucial for a swift and effective response. In this video, we delve into the 8 vital signs that may indicate the occurrence of a stroke. Learn to recognize these [More]
Link to purchase the core stretch: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GAAXGA?ref=t_ac_view_request_product_image&campaignId=amzn1.campaign.NW8JDXQLTYJZ&linkCode=tr1&tag=orlandoneurot-20&linkId=amzn1.campaign.NW8JDXQLTYJZ_1706290153496 ➡️ Get a FREE handout of our complete shoulder mobility routine: https://rehab-hq.com/shoulder-extension-program/ Want to go a little deeper with Tara? ➡️ BECOME A GOLD/PREMIUM MEMBER: Join our growing [More]
This video series is an informative training module designed for parents, teachers, and childcare professionals who are responsible for the safety and education of young children. Children 0-4 are the population with the greatest risk [More]
Link to purchase and learn more about the air health skye air purifier: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0924YWK3W?ref=t_ac_view_request_product_image&campaignId=amzn1.campaign.1VNQGM6W8HGFN&linkCode=tr1&tag=orlandoneurot-20&linkId=amzn1.campaign.1VNQGM6W8HGFN_1702830651694 ➡️ link to access the PDF handout for this video: https://rehab-hq.com/quadripe-variations/ ➡️ Get a FREE handout of our complete single leg [More]
http://braininjuryhelp.com 1-800-992-9447 As Michelle said earlier, they were unprepared for how challenging TJ’s neurobehavior was going to be. When he was at Spaulding did he have any insight as to why he was there? Oh, [More]
San Francisco Defensive End, Nick Bosa left the field in the 2021 Wild Card game against the Dallas Cowboys with a concussion after he collided with a teammate. Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries and [More]
Choosing the best exercises after a stroke or brain injury can seem like an overwhelming task. What are the best exercises? How many hours a day should you spend performing your exercises? Should your plan [More]
We’re taking a quick look at a study published in 2020 that looked at how the use of cigarettes, cannabis, and/or alcohol impact your concussion recovery! Learn more: https://www.drheisig.com/blog/alcohol-after-concussion Reference: Lawrence, D. W., Foster, E., [More]
This is a 3 part series that will teach you how to go from bed bound or wheelchair-bound to walking in an easy to follow, step by step progression. Brand new website with tons of [More]
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